Will the Government Shutdown Affect the Marine Corp Marathon? How Will Boston Change the Big Fall Marathons?

Government Shutdown & D.C. Marathons

According to reps from both upcoming D.C. marathons,government shutdown will not affect The Army 10-Miler (October 20, 2013) or The Marine Corps Marathon (October 27, 2013). Hopefully, the shutdown will be over by then.  However, even if it's not, the Marine Corps Marathon staff is paid with non-appropriated funds and the marathon works with private contractors, both are groups who remain unaffected. Although, the marathon does make use of federal law enforcement and National Park Service workers, many of whom are currently being furloughed.

Interestingly enough, Washington D.C., where the marathon takes place, is the only U.S. city that cannot spend local funds during a government shutdown. That means no trash service, no libraries, no DMV. During the last shutdown (21 days), D.C. had no trash service. This time D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is claiming that all city services are essential and is paying for them to keep going out of a cash reserve fund. Hopefully the shutdown doesn't last long; apparently, D.C.'s reserve fund supposedly has enough money to keep services such as trash collection and street sweeping going for two weeks. Otherwise, the stench of uncollected trash may cause some marathon records to be broken as people run faster just to get away from it.

The Marine Corp Marathon is the third largest marathon in the country.

Banned List Grows After Boston

There were bound to be some changes after the horrific Boston Marathon bombings. One change is no more hydration vests or CamelBaks at either the New York City Marathon or the Marine Corp Marathon.

The New York City Marathon (November 3, 2013) has released its list of banned items, including any camelbak's or hydration vests, any vests with pockets, strollers, rolling suitcases, backpacks, props and costumes covering the face. Here is a full list of the banned items.

According to the Military Times blog, the Marine Corps Marathon is prohibiting both runners and spectators from bringing any of these items into any MCM location, "hydration vests and backpacks like CamelBaks; glass containers; masks; and flammable liquids."

Luckily there are plenty of options, including fuel belts and hand-held water bottles. However, if you are running one of the larger fall marathons, please make sure the hydration carrier you are planning on purchasing will be allowed in.