You'll Regret Not Having These Stylish Cooler Bags This Summer

In a world where tote bags are actually coolers, blow your friends' minds at the first cookout of the summer with this tote bag that is actually a COOLER!

Why carry around an old blue box cooler or the classic construction-site flip-top when you could carry your beverages and cold snacks in a super cute package?

One triple-insulated, stylish hydration gear company, Corckcicle, decided to tackle coolers with their fashion sense in mind.

And O-M-G.


This isn't your average tote.

Yeah, I know. It was hard for me to believe also.

The Corkcicle Virginia Tote is a spacious, tote-style cooler bag featuring space-grade insulation for storing up to 12 cans of your favorite cold beverage. You can also carry 8 cans and 2 wine bottles for your next picnic with pals.

Vegans rejoice! It's made with a reinforced Vegan leather base and synthetic leather handles.



And if you're more of a backpack person?


The Corkcicle Eola Bucket Bag is the perfect portable carrier for you! This bucket-backpack combination has just as much insulation and padding to hold all of your favorite drinks.

It has high-performance closed-cell insulation and adjustable backpack straps so the cans or bottles you bring to the beach, park, or forest stay cold and you stay refreshed.

Need somewhere to put your keys or sunglasses? It includes a rear accessory pocket with a zippered closure.