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adidas Running Shoes

adidas running shoes are worn by athletes all over the world thanks to their stylish appearance and elite performance. This wide popularity has made adidas one of the most recognized sports apparel brands in the world.

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adidas Running Shoes

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    adidas Adizero Boston 12 Men's Ivory/Core Black/Solar Redadidas Adizero Boston 12 Men's Ivory/Core Black/Solar Red
    adidas Adizero Boston 12 Men's
    Ivory/Core Black/Solar Red
    Sale price$124.95 Regular price$160.00
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      adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 10 Men's Ivory/Core Black/Off Whiteadidas Adizero Takumi Sen 10 Men's Ivory/Core Black/Off White
      adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 10 Men's
      Ivory/Core Black/Off White
      Sale price$159.95 Regular price$180.00
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        adidas Supernova Rise Men's Preloved Ink/Iron Met/Sparkadidas Supernova Rise Men's Preloved Ink/Iron Met/Spark
        adidas Supernova Rise Men's
        Preloved Ink/Iron Met/Spark
        Sale price$124.95 Regular price$140.00
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        adidas running shoes are worn by athletes all over the world thanks to their stylish appearance and elite performance. This wide popularity has made adidas one of the most recognized sports apparel brands in the world.

        What separates adidas from the rest?

        They design shoes for all runners.

        As more and more people turn to running to improve their health and curb stress, adidas gear is often at the center—helping people reach their goals and enjoy their fitness journeys. This drive to help people achieve their goals affects every aspect of how adidas shoes are designed, ensuring that runners can make the most of every mile in adidas running shoes.

        They’re all about sustainability.

        adidas has been a pioneer in sustainability, partnering with Parley for the Oceans since 2015 to turn intercepted ocean plastic into materials for clothing and footwear. Every year adidas creates millions of shoes using recycled materials, decreasing demand for virgin plastic and helping to make oceans and beaches a little cleaner.

        They’re also working on a completely recyclable running shoe concept that would have runners return their shoes to adidas who will then fully recycle the materials in order to create a new generation of shoes. Additionally, adidas is shifting their model so that the company will use 100 percent recycled polyester in all products by 2024.

        How adidas running shoes improve your run

        The adidas Ultraboost series

        adidas’ most popular running shoe, the Ultraboost is packed with plenty of Boost foam, which delivers a cushy, springy ride with every step. Featuring a Primeknit upper that hugs your foot in all the right places, adidas Ultraboost running shoes offer a secure fit. Improvements to the midsole offer 20 percent more energy return for an “I could run all day” vibe.

        adidas running shoe technology


        adidas’ revolutionary Boost technology is made from expanding thermoplastic particles so that they encapsulate little air pockets. Boost is comfortable, resistant to temperature extremes, durable, flexible, and energetic. Shoes with Boost midsoles return your own energy to you with every step, letting you run farther.


        This perforated, flexible outsole adapts to your foot and moves with it so you can run virtually uninhibited. Strategically placed areas of extra traction align with pressure points on your foot for added security.

        Continental Rubber

        Continental has more than 140 years of experience making tires, and they used their expertise to create extra grippy outsoles for adidas. Shoes with Continental rubber outsoles offer unparalleled traction on wet and dry surfaces.


        Offering a highly adaptive fit, Primeknit stretches to easily accommodate any foot size, shape, and movement. Primeknit uppers feature varying weave densities for each area of the foot depending on where you need more support, ensuring a snug fit for everyone.

        Notable benefits of adidas running shoes

        They’re light and springy. It’s adidas’ mission to help athletes enhance their performance. So adidas focuses on making their running shoes as light as possible. They understand that every additional ounce of material weighs the runner down, forcing them to exert more effort with each step. This exhausts athletes quicker and dramatically decreases their run performance. To combat this, adidas created Boost technology. Now runners don’t have to choose between comfortable landings and explosive push-offs—they can have both in a lightweight shoe!

        They’re breathable. In addition to performance, adidas wants their users to enjoy the running experience. This is why they poured a ton of resources into developing their upper technology. By addressing foot temperature, foot hygiene, and overall upper comfort concerns, adidas running shoes allow runners to focus on the run instead of being distracted by foot discomfort.

        Frequently asked questions

        Is it okay to wear adidas running shoes for errands or other general activities?

        While adidas running shoes are designed for athletic performance, they’re also popular for their comfy design and stylish good looks. A light and breathable pair can be great for walking, standing, doing chores around the house, or running errands.

        Are adidas running shoe sizes accurate?

        Generally, yes. Though it’s a good idea to try them on and read what other customers are saying before making your final purchase.

        Do adidas running shoes come in narrow and wide options?

        Yes, some adidas models come in wide and narrow sizes. Again, be sure to try them on for yourself and read other customer reviews to determine if a pair will work for you.

        Which adidas running shoes are the best?

        Without a doubt, the Ultraboost is the most popular adidas running shoe model. Fans of the Ultraboost have always enjoyed the cushioned energy return of its Boost midsole, but more recent versions of the shoe come with 20 percent more Boost for the ultimate running experience. An updated Stretchweb outsole offers enhanced traction and a Primeknit 360 upper conforms to your foot for a breathable, custom fit that makes you feel secure.

        If you’re looking for a shoe that corrects overpronation, the adidas Solar Glide is a great option. It comes with the same comfortable, energetic Boost cushioning adidas fans look for, and it also features a propulsion rail to help guide your feet (and ankles, knees, and hips) into a naturally aligned position for improved comfort and safety during your run.

        Those runners who need a shoe that’s both fast and versatile will like the adidas SL20 running shoe, which features LightStrike cushioning for a lightweight, energetic ride that doesn’t skimp on comfort. A breathable mesh upper keeps you comfortable as you push through mile after mile and shave seconds off your best time.

        Is it okay to run on the road with adidas trail runners?

        Technically, you can run on the road in trail shoes, but we don’t recommend it. Not only are trail shoes typically heavier than road shoes, but they’re designed for trail use. Some have special protective features to shield your feet from rocks and most feature firm, rugged outsoles with lugs or other aggressive tread patterns that will be quickly worn down by running on pavement.

        If you do plan on going for some trail runs, though, adidas Terrex trail running shoes would be a perfect addition to your shoe collection!

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