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Babolat Tennis Shoes

There are so many styles of tennis shoes to choose from it can be like trying to find a needle in the haystack.

So, we’re going to look at some of the popular styles in BabolaT’s lineup, explain the differences in technology and features to help you understand the strengths of each model.

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Babolat Tennis Shoes


There are so many styles of tennis shoes to choose from it can be like trying to find a needle in the haystack.

So, we’re going to look at some of the popular styles in BabolaT’s lineup, explain the differences in technology and features to help you understand the strengths of each model.

How Babolat tennis shoe technology improves your performance

Babolat Propulse Fury – Stability and Durability shoe

This shoe was designed for players that want stability. A strapping system in the midfoot of the shoe wraps around your heel and arch to give you incredible stability and support.

Your feet will take impact at a 30-degree angle instead of waiting until your foot hits flat against the court because of the raised cushion in the heel. This helps to eliminate stress on your joints and will also bounce back to form to help push you right into your next step.

With all the stability tech, the Fury is a heavier shoe and not very flexible. If you’re looking for flexibility, then this wouldn’t be a good fit for you.

What you’ll notice:

  • Won’t slow you down.

Even though this shoe is a bit on the heavier side with all the support and durability tech, it’ll surprise you to feel secure to move confidently and not even notice the weight.

  • Moisture control.

Keep sweaty feet under control with the Ortholite insole that helps with breathability and moisture absorption.

  • Needs a bit of a break-in.

Since the upper is made with a cellular material to give you even more support, it’s firmer and a bit less flexible. After a small break-in period, the shoe will loosen up.

Babolat Propulse Rage – Premium support, stability, and durability shoe

A step above the Fury, the Rage is Babolat's most Premium stability shoe designed with more aggressive players in mind.

This shoe’s strapping system wraps around your heel, arch, and ankle to give you ultimate support through all your movements on the court.

If you’re a player that likes that tight locked-in feel that gives your feet a snug hug, then you will love the design of the full insock offered with the Rage.

If you aren’t trying to break the bank, keep in mind that the Rage is top of the line for stability making this shoe a bit more expensive.

What you’ll notice:

  • Extended Durability.
  • BabolaT took the Michelin rubber further up to cover the toe area of the shoe for better protection from toe drag abrasion on the court.

  • Heel Padding.
  • There is some extra padding in the heel that protrudes out so it takes a little getting used to. With a small adaption time, it helps add to that locked-in feel and keeps your heel secure in the shoe.

    Babolat Jet Mach II – lightweight speed shoe

    Tennis Pro Federico Delbonis said he liked the comfort factor and lightness of the Jet Mach II. He said they felt almost like they weren’t even on his feet at all.

    These shoes were built to be speedy and lightweight while also having good stability.

    To cut back on the weight of the shoe, Babolat combined 2 stability tech features into one piece.

    The fabric is a flexible one-piece upper that is very durable and resistant to abrasions. And it breathes well too.

    If you are an overly aggressive player that wants stability in the upper, then you may not like the flexibility and give that the Mach II has.

    What you’ll notice:

    • Comfort.

    Just the right amount of cushion to feel comfortable from start to finish. The insole may not be plush, but the comfort isn’t sparse.

    • Size runs short.

    The length of the Mach II runs a bit short, so you may want to go up a half size to get the best fit.

    Babolat Jet Tere – premium speed and agility shoe

    Taken from the Maori culture, Tere means speed or quick.

    This shoe is built for premium speed and to be very agile.

    The Tere maximizes responsiveness and comfort thanks to its midsole cushioning. And has great shock absorption in the heel.

    You can move fast across the court without the shoe getting in your way or weighing you down and it has great grip and slip on the court.

    The Tere isn’t going to offer the best in support during those hard cuts and has a tad bit too much stretch in the upper.

    What you’ll notice:

    • Breathable.

    Keep your feet happy and let them breathe. Made of soft mesh material, the upper of the Tere is light and flexible with great ventilation.

    • Step in comfort.

    There is no rigid construction on this shoe so you can step into comfort straight away.

    • Extra energy.

    An upside to a lightweight shoe is the difference in your energy level at the end of your game. A heavier shoe will leave you feeling drained, whereas, with a lighter shoe, you won’t feel like you just ran a triathlon.

    How do I choose the best Babolat tennis shoe for me?

    Let's look at a couple of relevant questions to help you decide.

    1. What type of tennis player are you?
    2. What type of court will you be playing on?

    First, what type of tennis player are you?

    • A beginner: If you’re new to the sport of tennis and looking to get a feel for your style of play and movement without breaking the bank, then you might want to try the Propulse Blast.
    • An aggressive player: This is a player that likes to control the ball by traveling the court quickly while sliding into your shots, locking traction, and then pushing forward into the next step.

    You don’t want to be weighed down by your shoe, so you’ll want a lightweight choice that offers speed like the Jet series.

    If you are looking for premium speed and agility, then the Jet Tere would be an excellent choice for you.

    If you want to start with a more budget-friendly speed model, as you learn your shoe preferences, then you could try the Jet Mach I.

    • A baseline player: This is a player that likes to let the ball come to them.

    You move in more of a side to side play rather than all over the court. You’re likely going to want a premium stability shoe like the Propulse Rage.

    Next, what type of court will you be playing on?

    • All Court: All of Babolat shoes are AC (all court). Great for play on any hard surfaces or grass. Hard surfaces are abrasive, so the outsole is made with more durability and designed to give variances of tread design for ultimate traction.
    • Clay Court: The Jet Mach II Clay has a full herringbone pattern on the bottom of the shoe. This pattern allows the player to slide with ease but also get excellent traction during your back and forth movements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I replace my Babolat tennis shoes?

    The wear of the fabric and durability of the outsole will be different for each player. Your level of play and the hours you put in will be the deciding factors.

    Generally, you will begin to see a breakdown start between 45 - 60 hours of play. For the average player, that is about six months to a year.

    What to look for to help you determine when to replace your tennis shoes:

    • When you aren’t getting the best grip on the court
    • When you notice holes or abrasions in the toe area from drag
    • When you start to notice achy joints or pain in your back, or feet

    Can I machine wash Babolat tennis shoes?

    Putting your shoes in the washer or dryer is never recommended.

    What’s the best way to clean my Babolat tennis shoes?

    You should use warm water mixed with light soap and baking soda, a soft brush, and a microfiber towel.

    1. Remove the laces and place them in the solution to soak.
    2. Remove the insole if possible
    3. Use the brush and solution to gently clean the shoe and insole
    4. Rinse all parts with cold water
    5. Dry with a microfiber towel and let sit but never in direct sunlight
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