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Sandals & Slides

Sandals & Slides

Treat your tootsies with a pair of comfortable, supportive sport sandals or slides! Lightweight and durable, athletic sandals are a great way to let your feet enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. In addition to regular sport sandals, we carry recovery slides and sandals, which are an excellent way to soothe tired and sore feet after a particularly grueling workout. They’re also an upgraded alternative to the thin, unsupportive sandals and flip-flops many people wear in warmer weather. Don’t forget to change out your recovery sandals every 300-400 miles or when they become visibly worn, whichever comes first! 

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Sandals and slides should keep you comfortable, first and foremost. But they should also support you throughout your entire movement cycle, helping you to walk efficiently and with proper form. So how do you know if you’ve found the right sandals or slides for you? Try ’em on! Be sure to try on both sandals for a proper trial. Your feet should feel secure and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to walk around the store a bit to see if they rub, slide, or generally don’t feel “right” on your feet. Do your feet stay in the sandals? Are your arches happy? Do the sandals or slides flex with your feet?

A good pair of recovery sandals or slides should offer airflow, lightweight support, and cushion. While most recovery slides and sandals put gentle pressure on the soles of your feet where they need it most after intense activity, there are more minimalist-type recovery sandals available as well. Whether you need a sport sandal, a recovery slide, or just plain old flip-flops—proper support is critical to keeping your feet in great shape. Just say “no” to flimsy sandals!

How well do you know your feet? Understanding their size, shape, and unique movement pattern is crucial to outfitting them with proper footwear. Before buying your next pair of athletic sandals, figure out if you have a low, neutral, or high arch, which will help you determine how much arch support you need. The more you know about your feet, the better equipped you’ll be to keep them happy and healthy with the perfect pair of sandals or slides!

Don’t settle for an ill-fitting sandal or try to force the next size up or down to work for your foot’s unique shape or width. Our catalog features a huge selection of the best sandals for your individual feet. We carry wide sandals, narrow sandals, and recovery slides—all in a variety of hard-to-find sizes that will help you pamper your piggies.

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