Bec Wilcock using Hyperice HyperVolt bluetooth massage gun


Make the most of your recovery routine. Trusted by pros like Naomi Osaka, Russel Westbrook and Patrick Mahomes, Hyperice items keep you feeling fresh and ready for the next workout. From percussive massage therapy to heat and vibration technology, Hyperice designs products that melt away muscle soreness and get you back to doing what you love!

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Man using Hyperice Hypervolt Series massage gun on shoulder and thigh
Man using Hyperice Hypervolt Series massage gun on shoulder

Hypervolt Series

The Hypervolt line sends three speeds of rapid percussion almost silently to accelerate recovery. This percussion therapy provides targeted pulses of pressure into muscles to soothe pain and soreness while restoring range of motion. Perfect for use after physical activity.

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Man using Hyperice Venom Series for knee, woman using Hyperice Venom Series for back
Woman using Hyperice Venom Series for back

Venom Series

Combining heat and vibration technology, the Venom reduces joint stiffness and relieves muscle spasms. These devices provide on-the-go relief, allowing you to walk or stretch while wearing them. Ideal for warmup, recovery, and relaxing stiff muscles.

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Man using Hyperice Hypervolt Series Hypersphere for back

Hypersphere Series

Need relief for those hard-to-reach spots? The Hypersphere vibrating massage ball provides rapid oscillations of pressure in targeted areas. Three powerful vibration speeds activate your muscles to perform before exercise or relax after activities.

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The Movement: The Story Behind Hyperice

A mission to help you move better. Products to push you toward your potential. Whether you're an elite athlete, fitness enthusiast, or starting a healthier lifestyle, Hyperice helps you be at your best.

In 2010, Hyperice set out to create the world's first high-performance portable ice compression device. The company catered to professional athletes, helping them achieve peak performance in their sport. After a decade of success and investments from elite sports stars, Hyperice expanded its product line to the masses. Now the company provides more ways to help everyone move better.

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Woman sitting in chair using Hyperice Hypersphere mini for hamstringHyperice Hypeapp on Phone

Stay Connected with Hypersmart

The Hyperice app is your everyday destination for guided programs, product education, and in-depth stories. HyperSmart™ technology seamlessly blends your physical and digital activity to create a customized recovery. Connect via Bluetooth® and receive personalized routines designed to meet your needs. You can also follow exclusive content from top pros for more recovery tips. It's like having a personal trainer and a massage therapist in the palm of your hands!

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