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      30 x 7 x 5 inches


      13 lbs

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      Only ships within contiguous US.

      Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Junior


      Designed and endorsed by Billie Jean King, the Eye Coach® is the only revolutionary device that retrains the brain to consistently hit the Sweet Spot. The Eye Coach simulates an actual game with 17 different shots, including top spin and underspin. The Eye Coach is also a portable and affordable an alternative to the traditional ball machine as it can be used at home with no court required. The Eye Coach Junior model is design for players shorter than 4 foot, 2 inches. The size variation between Pro and Junior allows players to make contact with the ball just below the shoulders.


      Hitting the Sweet Spot Matters


      Achieve faster improvement using your own preferred system of coaching

      Price includes a complimentary training video OR a live online training session with one of our Point of Contact professionals. The training video below shows the best drills you can use to coach 1-6 students per device, 50% more balls hit correctly in less time, no ball pick up time wasted, practice at home what they learned in the lesson at home on their own machine.

      Video Training Video: Please call Peter Schmitt at 843-810-0986 for a complimentary live online training session. Please contact us to inquire about quantity discounts.

      Note: Larger items like court equipment, and tennis ball machines (often made to order) may not be stocked in our Baltimore warehouse. These items are carefully packaged and shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please give us a call if you wish to pick this item up from our store so we can check availability and prepare your order.