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    Gamma Progression II 602 Stringing Machine

    This machine is very similar to the Progression 200, but features a sturdier 6-point mounting system. The affordable price makes the Gamma Progression 602 perfect for beginning stringers looking for a reliable, sturdy machine. Other features include floating clamps, a tool tray, and a drop weight tensioner.

    • Broad base design with a tool tray for convenient storage.
    • Wide mounting area safely and sturdily secures frames.
    • Composite split drum gripper with patented diamond coated ratchet gripper.
    • Quick 6-point mounting system.
    • Two composite floating clamps.
    • Drop weight tensioner with a range from 9-90 pounds.
    • 360 degree turntable rotation for ease of use.
    • Tools included: Gamma Pathfinder Awl, Straight Awl, Hex Wrenches, Straight Pliers, Razor Cutter.

    Added Bonus:

    • Includes a Starter String Pack with 3 sets of GAMMA performance string and the USRSA Getting Started Stringing Guide.

    5 Year Limited Warranty.

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