When Athletic Propulsion Labs released their first pair of shoes they were blessed by a ban of their product. Anyone else would think that a ban would be a bad thing. The twin brothers, Adam and Ryan Goldston, were thrilled.

The APL basketball shoes were banned by the NBA, "based on the league's rule against an 'unfair competitive advantage' that increases a player's vertical leap." This was back in 2010. Today, APL shoes are known for superior athletics and trendsetting fashion. All of the Athletic Propulsion Labs running shoes have cushioned midsoles to help generate energy. The Windchill models have Load ‘N Launch® technology so you can run even faster while exerting less energy. The Techloom Pro shoes have Propelium®, which maximizes energy generation and provides superior comfort all while maintaining midsole structural integrity longer than conventional EVA. The Joyride models have Propelium®  as well; they were inspired by the shape of a feather and work with your natural motion.