Battle of the Mugs: Hydro Flask vs a Standard Travel Mug
Hydro Flask water bottles are some of the best-selling hydration items for athletes, runners, and walkers.

Since Hydro Flasks are known for keeping hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold, we decided to put one to the ultimate test! We poured a full cup of piping hot coffee in both a Hydro Flask and a standard travel mug. Next, we left each one in the snow in sub-freezing temperatures for nearly five hours. Finally,  we measured the temperature of the coffee in each container.

Who do you think won "The Battle of the Mugs?" And how many degrees warmer was the coffee in the winning container?

Watch our video below and post your answer to the Hydro Flask thread on our Facebook page and/or in the comments section below. Remember that you are posting:

  1. Which container you think came out on top.

  2. How many degrees warmer the coffee was in the winning container.

The person who guesses correctly (or closest) will win a brand new Hydro Flask and a  Mystery Gift Card to

Good luck!

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