Fuel Your Workout Right with these Innovative Nutrition and Hydration Products

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? We carry a variety of nutrition and hydration products that can help you perform your best and recover faster; here are some of the newest additions to our catalog!

Nuun Sport Hydration Tablets

Thanks to some thoughtful re-optimization, Nuun tablets provide more efficient hydration than ever before! Previously Nuun Electrolytes, Nuun Sport is clean hydration that’s made with plant-based ingredients and without any artificial sweeteners. The new formula dissolves faster and features chloride for a complete electrolyte profile. Plus, Nuun Sport is certified non-GMO, meaning all the ingredients undergo a comprehensive third-party verification to ensure that nothing in Nuun Sport is genetically modified. Nuun Sport is available in 13 flavors, 4 of which are caffeinated with organic green tea extract (the caffeinated tablets also have a black cap for easy differentiation).

Plop. Fizz. Drink. GO!

Want to stock up on the old formula before it's gone? We still have single tubes and eight-packs!

Hoppy Trails by GU

Traditionally, energy gels have a sweet flavor profile. But who wants to be traditional?

GU’s newest flavor combines hops and citrus to create a savory, slightly bitter taste that’s not unlike your favorite craft beer. Use it during your next intense workout for a burst of energy that won’t awaken your sweet tooth.

Sometimes bitter is better!

And—for a limited time—a six-pack of energy gel comes in a Klean Kanteen pint glass!

Huma Gel Post-Workout Recovery Smoothies

Give your body the nourishment it needs after a workout with the plant-based, complete protein in Huma Gel Recovery Smoothies!

Utilizing real food and ingredients you can pronounce, this post-workout smoothie is packed with the carbs, electrolytes, and healthy fats your muscles need to recuperate. Plus, these smoothies are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free!

Tailwind Endurance Fuel Sampler Pack

If you love Tailwind drink mix but hate having to stick to one flavor, you’re in luck! Now you can get seven different flavors in one box so you can keep your taste buds guessing.

Tailwind Endurance Fuel provides the electrolytes and calories you need to get through any workout and it doesn’t contain any dyes, preservatives, gluten, soy, or animal products.

Thirsty for more? Shop our entire hydration and nutrition collection to find the right product for your unique needs!

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