Just in Time for Nicer Weather... New Mizuno Running Shoes Inspire You to Get Outside
"We want to inspire people to get outside," said Mizuno Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager Dave Patterson. Dave stopped by the Holabird Sports showroom to bring us some updated goodies, including improved fits, new colors and a lot of bagels. He said Mizuno is in the business of helping you become "a better person" by getting active as people who lead healthy lifestyles often feel a heightened sense of accomplishment.

The idea that inspired the new updates was a "dissolving fit," meaning while you’re in stride you’re not thinking about your shoes at all. No-stitch overlays are applied with a heated bonding process that simply lay directly on top of each other. This process results in a lighter shoe and an upper that won’t irritate the top of your feet. An additional benefit is more stretch and a fit that conforms to your feet better. Both the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 and Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 boast this upper design.

New Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno is still using the U4iC midsole they introduced last summer with its 30% lighter foam than the previous AP+ midsole and still the same great cushion and support. Plus, a lower forefoot height places the foot in a more natural position.

In the Mizuno Wave Paradox, which hit the market this past January, you’ll find a lightweight alternative to other support shoes for runners seeking motion control. If you’re a runner that experiences moderate to severe pronation, the Fan Wave Plate will engage for the perfect amount of stability, depending on your needs, to guide your feet back to the neutral position.

In the coming months, Mizuno fans should be on the lookout for new colors to match every runner’s style. Holabird Sports carries every current Mizuno model in every available color.

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