Let’s Run, Hon: Run Group 2019 Is Almost Here!

Did you know that Holabird Sports hosts a weekly run group? From spring to fall, occurring within the Daylight Saving Time window, we meet up at run-friendly locations in Baltimore and we… run.

Runners and walkers of all ability levels are welcome to attend.

Each session begins with a a brief group "huddle," followed by a run that varies in length by location and personal preference. Runs typically range from 2-5 miles but can be as long as you like, and everyone is free to break off from the group’s path to suit their pace or preferred scenery.

Those joining us for the first time are asked to fill out a release waiver before the run.

We do our best to provide water for everyone, but we always encourage folks to bring their own water just in case.

In addition to getting the chance to meet up with other Baltimore-area runners, we invite reps from popular running shoe companies so that group members can try out the latest models, learn about various products, and occasionally receive branded giveaways. Runners who test shoes brought by the reps will be eligible to receive a discount on that shoe if they choose to purchase it at the Holabird Sports retail location at 9220 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore, Maryland.

Follow our Run Group Facebook page to see which brands will be attending each meetup, weather-related updates, and more!

Need a fresh pair of kicks before you join us? Check out our full collection of men's running shoes and women's running shoes!

Starting April 3, 2019, Holabird Sports will host Run Group every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.* at one of three locations:

Canton Waterfront Park

CCBC Essex Campus

Honeygo Regional Park

* Please note that times and locations are subject to change occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances. Changes will be posted to the Facebook page.