Many runners and hikers enjoy their chosen activities year-round or nearly year-round, but a lot of fitness enthusiasts prefer to wait out the darker/colder months before resuming their outdoor activities. With Daylight Saving Time fast-approaching, we'll soon be springing ahead and gaining an extra hour of sun. While it’s true that this time shift can make for a rough few weeks of a.m. darkness, we get to enjoy more daylight in the evenings. It’s typically warmer in the evening than in the morning anyway, making this the perfect time to start enjoying the great outdoors again!

Spring ahead with us on March 10, 2019, and break out of your winter rut with these outdoor activities that easily fit into your new "extra" hour of daylight.


Spend some quality time with the kids (and kids at heart) in your life with a good old-fashioned game of catch in the backyard or at a park. Not only is catch simple and fun for all ages, but it can also help ease children back into a more active lifestyle after being more sedentary during the winter.


Gather up a group of your friends for a quick game of ultimate Frisbee or Frisbee golf after work or school. More evening daylight means it’s easier to stop by a park for a little flying-disc fun on your way home. Or just get some family members together and toss a Frisbee around the yard!


Now is a great time to squeeze in half a round of golf or a little time at the driving range. If you live in a chillier part of the country, it’s likely you won’t have to navigate big crowds just yet as the cool weather may discourage others from hitting the links.

Pickleball and Tennis

If you haven’t been playing indoors during the winter, now is the perfect time to blow the dust off your racquet or paddle and get back out there! Call your friends and encourage them to come along so you’ll all be ready to play your best by the time the weather warms up.

For those among you who are dedicated to your outdoor morning routine regardless of light conditions, please be safe during the darker mornings to come! Wear brightly colored clothing and don't hesitate to layer on other safety accessories like reflective vests or blinking lights.