Reebok One Cushion Running Shoe Review
The Reebok One Cushion is the neutral trainer in their One series. It's comprised of three "zones" in the midsole and upper that foster a soft landing and a fast toe-off. Built for flexibility and speed, this model is lightweight and formidably responsive.

The Reebok One Cushion Feel

As soon as I slipped the One Cushions on for the first time, I noticed how light they were. A men's size 9 weighs 9.9 ounces and a women's size 7 tips the scales at 7.7 ounces. Already, I was eager to run because nothing beats a good shoe that makes your feet feel lighter.

I wore a men's 10.5, a half-size smaller than usual, and my feet were much closer to the edge of the toe box than I usually prefer. So, with regard to sizing, stick to your normal size. These shoes fit on par with most brands.

With a name like the "One Cushion," I anticipated that the shoes would be quite soft. They did not disappoint. They have a very spongy cushioning, especially underneath the forefoot, and were unlike anything I've worn in a while. Likewise, the One Cushions have a a very fluid feel. The outsole is less structured which allows for greater flexibility with each step--perfect for those who crave a more natural fit in a neutral trainer. In a sense, it's a buttery feel: It responds more to your gait cycle instead of controlling it.

Reebok One Cushion Midsole

The Reebok One Cushion Midsole and Upper

Structurally, the Reebok One Cushion is broken down into three zones:

  1. The Contact Zone

  2. The Midstance Zone

  3. Propulsive Zone

The Contact Zone can be identified by the black midsole segment in heel. It is composed of a very soft foam that cushions the foot and attenuates shock upon landing. If you're a heel-striker (like me) then  you may find this to be the most interesting part of the shoe. It's very soft. I'm accustomed to a firmer heel--one that doesn't compress as much as my heel makes contact with the ground. Those who are specifically looking for a soft heel will love this shoe. Runners who are used to a firmer crash pad (like me), may find the initial sensation a bit foreign.

The Midstance Zone contains a lightweight foam that encourages a smooth midfoot transition off of the heel. The Contact Zone in the heel blends well into the Midstance Zone, so there is no sharp transition from one material to the next.

The Propulsive Zone is where you truly get a sense of the One Cushion experience. The Propulsive Zone spans the entirety of the forefoot and is made up of a high-rebound foam that gives runners a high level of responsiveness during toe-off. As you being to roll up on your toes, you will notice a great deal of cushioning that doesn't let your foot sink in. Rather, it gives you spongy padding as you apply pressure on the ball of your foot and then pushes you off quickly. In a sense, it will bounce you off of the forefoot.

The upper of the Reebok One Cushion is in sync with the three zones in the midsole. Closed mesh in the Contact Zone assists the heel counter in securing your heel. Lightweight mesh and support from the overlays locks your foot into place in the Midstance Zone. The Propulsive Zone upper is lightweight and breathable mesh for the greatest freedom and flexibility.

Reebok One Cushion Sole wear

The Reebok One Cushion Outsole and Wear

My concern with lightweight shoes is durability. How many miles will they last? How well will the heel and forefoot hold up? All in all, the One Cushion performed as well as most neutral-cushioned running shoes. There was only minor wear on the crash pad and at the tip of the forefoot after 50 miles of running on asphalt. By my standards, they passed the test.

Two important things I noticed about the outsole were the decoupled design and the lack of a midfoot shank. By design, the Reebok One Cushion is meant to be ultra flexible. You can actually fold them in half at the midfoot. Many neutral models have more structured outsoles, but may be heavier than the One Cushion.

If you're a runner with minimalistic tendencies who is looking for a more conventional shoe, the Reebok One Cushion will be a natural fit.

The Reebok One Cushion Bottom Line

The Reebok One Cushion will suit any neutral-footed runner seeking to amplify his or her running experience with a lightweight model. It is well-cushioned, but still transitions you off of your toes quickly with a nice "bounce."

If you're searching for a neutral trainer with more structure, then you should certainly try them before buying. However, if you're looking for a neutral shoe that yields greater flexibility, then these will be a smash hit.

These neutral shoes are perfect for any neutral runners looking for a lighter model.  The heel-to-toe offset is 11 mm.

Check out the Reebok One Cushion for men and Reebok One Cushion for women.