The adidas Ultra Boost ST Offers Everything a Runner Needs
The New Year brings us an exciting addition to the adidas Ultra Boost family, the ST model. The Ultra Boost ST is by far my favorite shoe for my upcoming training season. I enjoy staying on track with my mileage even as the temperatures drop and I've found the ST to provide everything I need in one sleek package.

The Ultra Boost ST design stays close to the original Ultra Boost with just a few changes. The bootie-like upper is now less restricting on the ST, allowing folks like me with a wider forefoot a little more wiggle room. The ST upper is still seamless, breathable, and light, but does not have the tongue sewn into it like the original Ultra Boost. While I enjoy being able to just slip my Ultra Boosts on and go, there really is no way to tighten the shoes if you need to do so.

The most important aspect of this shoe for me is the pairing of the full-foot Boost midsole and a more substantial arch support. This shoe is perfect for my fairly flat arches. The Boost material still provides an extremely responsive feel with every step, but the adidas Ultra Boost ST provides the much needed support in the arch that I just didn’t have in the original. However, for a truly neutral gait and foot type, the original Ultra Boost is still the way to go.

Of course, with added support the weight of the shoe may also increase. I don't find the weight increase to be very obvious or a detriment for the shoe. This shoe is now my "go to" for any run from 3 to 10 miles on road or dirt-pack trail. However, the Ultra Boost ST would not be my first choice for gym training, unless on a treadmill or elliptical. Ultimately, the plushness of the Boost cushioning and the added support make the adidas Ultra Boost ST the perfect blend of the finest attributes in the Ultra Boost running shoe series.