Under Armour Answers Questions about the SpeedForm Running Shoe
When most people think of Under Armour, they think of athletic clothing. It's no surprise; Under Armour has seen tremendous success with their highly technical, specialized athletic apparel lines. So, when they sought to create the ultimate running specialty shoe, it makes sense that they would look to their own past success and create a shoe which truly “clothes your foot.”

First, they asked themselves, “What article of clothing/equipment needs to meet the highest standards of performance?”

The answer? Spacesuits.

Next, Under Armour learned that Playtex, a bra company, formulated the spacesuit design that allowed NASA astronauts to walk on the moon. So, in an effort to produce the "Holy Grail of fit" in their latest model—the Speedform RC—Under Armour employed an unorthodox approach: They partnered with one of the top lingerie manufacturers to create a model that is unlike anything runners have seen before.

The result was the Speedform—a lightweight run specialty shoe with a 6mm drop and an anatomical feel that is built for speed. With an ultrasonic welded upper, toe molding, and a seamless heel cup, the shoe fits naturally with zero distractions. The footbed is built with an embedded and moisture-wicking sock liner for added comfort. The unisex size 9 weighs in at 6 ounces even—light enough to make all runners feel fast.

The Speedform RC comes in unisex sizing and four exciting colors: Moonshadow Blue, Blaze Orange, Red and Hyper Green.

We spoke with Under Armour about the development of the Speedform RC. Here is what they had to say.

Q: How did Under Armour arrive at the name "SpeedForm?"

The SpeedForm running shoe is anatomically formed and all about fit. A better fit equals a faster product and more speed; marry the two and you have Speedform.

Q: Describe the process behind developing the shoe. How did you go from footwear to spacesuits to bra factories and then tie it all back into the SpeedForm?

We wanted to go after fit in a new way through leveraging our apparel DNA. It turns out that Playtex won the contract to make the Apollo spacesuit. This inspired us to take a similar approach, partnering with a pinnacle bra factory to reinvent fit.

Q: What features of this model make it so unique?

This model is so unique because the shoe is formed in two pieces. The seamless heel cup fits perfectly, while the molded forefoot gives a sense of guided fit.

Q: How is it manufactured differently from most conventional running shoes?

This shoe is not made with a last; it's anatomically formed. There are not a lot of pieces or excess materials. Everything is done in the forming of the shoe, making for optimum fit and a streamlined, precision-oriented process.

Q: For what type of activity and running is the SpeedForm best suited?

This shoe is best suited for an efficient runner who is looking for a lightweight shoe that has a fast feel under the foot.

Q: How can we expect this model to evolve in the coming months (and years, if applicable)? What is the future of the SpeedForm platform?

We see big potential in this platform, as the shoe truly feels different and changes things on the manufacturing side. In the future, you will see us continue to address the needs of different types of runners and continue to develop the performance-fit story around SpeedForm.

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