What Do Your Color Choices Say About You?
Do you run in hot pink? Do you search high and low for the perfect pair of all black sneakers? Do you insist your tennis whites be, well, white? Or do you prefer to swing in sunshine yellow? Believe it or not, your color choices can say a lot about you.

White: It is traditionally symbolic of purity and innocence, which some people translate into wanting simplicity or a simpler life. People who choose white are often youthful. Choosing white may indicate a desire for perfection... not a bad attitude to have on the court.

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Red: Traditionally the color of strength and vitality, red is typically chosen by people who are ambitious and optimistic. People with open, uncomplicated natures tend to prefer red. Choosing to wear red may also indicate a need to shake things up a bit. Athletes who wear red are often seen as aggressive. Remember this if you like to dominate your opponents mentally as well as physically.

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Pink: Think of pink as the gentler side of red. Pink people are affectionate and often maternal. They are charming and gentle. People who choose pink may desire love and security. This is a great color for runners who love being chased.

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Orange: Orange people are generally good-natured and agreeable. It is the color of fearlessness, curiosity, and restlessness. This is a color of luxury and pleasure. Choosing orange may indicate the desire to have more fun. If you are looking to insert some fun into your run or game, then adding some orange to your outfit may help.

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Yellow: It should be no surprise that yellow represents happiness. However, it also represents both wisdom and imagination. It is the color of the mind. People who choose yellow may strive for freedom of thought, they are often clear, clever thinkers with lofty ideals. If you need to concentrate on a big match, try adding a touch of yellow to your outfit.

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Green: Green is the color of harmony and balance. People who prefer green are usually gentle and sincere, refined and civilized. If you choose green you may be craving some peace in your life. This is the perfect color for a great doubles match.

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Blue: This is an introspective color. It represents compassion and caring. People who prefer blue are often patient, sensitive and faithful. If you are going on a run to do some thinking or clear your head, consider grabbing something blue to wear.

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Purple: Traditionally purple has represented royalty. Today, it represents individuality. It is usually chosen by people who are unconventional yet likely to rise to positions of authority. If you choose purple you may be craving more art in your life. Prefer to stand out no matter which sport you're playing? Pick purple.

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Black: Perhaps the most dignified of all the colors, is often chosen by sophisticated, impressive people. Choosing black may suggest hidden depths and inner longings. Black is a great way to inject some mystery into your game and your life.

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