Völktober Part Two: All About V-Feel

Welcome to our second installment of Völktober! Last week we told you about Völkl’s origins in Germany and how they eventually added tennis equipment to their collection in the 1970s. Völkl is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of their V1 racquets. Here’s a bit more about one of their most popular sticks!

V-Feel is the latest line of racquets from Völkl. V-Feel incorporates a Celluloid graphite to achieve greater strength and stability, without sacrificing the feel and comfort that you expect when playing a Völkl Tennis racquet. As well as the graphite composition, the V-Feel racquets offer an industry-leading dampening system in the handle with an improved EVA foam called REVA built into the handle. In addition, the Völkl VTex butt cap gives increased dampening and less torque.

The V1 Classic has been a Völkl mainstay for 25 years. Yes, that’s right 25 years! Völkl has created one of the most versatile frames on the market and the V1 Classic may have new paint, but the playability has not changed in 25 years.

What has changed in the V1 line are three additional models: the V-Feel V1 MidPlus, the V-Feel V1 Oversize, and the V-Feel V1 Pro.

  • The V-Feel V1 MP is legendary for being a very high-performance racquet for nearly any skill levels while also offering the best arm protection on the market.
  • The V1 OS is the same weight as the MP but has a larger head size and is 1.5 cm longer, which offers greater power and more forgiveness. Don't let the head size fool you; this is not your typical oversize racquet. It gives the feel and control of a smaller head size while being extremely stable when playing against a hard-hitting player.
  • The V1 Pro is best suited for players with a fast swing speed who want the precision of a “player's stick" and the power of a 99.5 sq. in. 305g/10.8 oz racquet. The Pro is truly a racquet that incorporates the best of both worlds.

Power Fiber II is Völkl's Multifilament string. It's is a great string for any player who uses a Multifilament to try. Power fiber II has A soft feel without playing mushy, so it still has a nice responsiveness to it. For those who like hybrids, Power Fiber II is a great choice due to the string's coating, which allows the string to keep its integrity longer, especially when paired with a polyester. To try Power Fiber II in a hybrid, Völkl Psycho is a half set of Power Fiber II and Völkl's best selling polyester string, Cyclone.

Don't take my word for it, check out the Holabird Sports demo program and test out a Völkl today!

Looking to upgrade your racquet? V-Tac is a tried and tested overgrip in the Völkl Collection. The weather is starting to turn to fall and sweaty palms are no longer as much as an issue for those V-Dry overgrip players. With the colder months coming up, it may be time to change to a tacky grip.

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