WATCH: 2014 On Cloudsurfer Running Shoe Overview
The newest edition of On’s neutral trainer, the Cloudsurfer, returns this year with exciting, new color ways and slightly tweaked upper for increased comfort. On has manufactured the Cloudsurfer model with a 3D microsuede upper and has softened the eye stays to prevent any abrasive contact with the top of the foot.

The shoe’s Cloudtec technology allows for a for a highly-cushioned landing and an explosive take off. The cloud elements underneath the shoe compress with each footfall, neutralizing shock that stem from both the vertical and horizontal forces that impact each stride. During the toe-off phase of the gait cycle, the clouds release, providing optimal energy return.

On Technical Representative Mike Robinson chatted with us about the newest Cloudsurfer. Watch our video below to get the scoop on the shoe’s technology.

[youtube id="mbx1D57JS8M" width="620" height="360"]

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