WATCH: adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost Running Shoe Preview
The revolutionary Boost midsole meets adidas's core neutral shoe to birth the new adidas Supernova Glide Boost. Available in December 2013, the Glide Boost will offer improved cushioning and even more energy return for runners with a neutral gait. However, it will still have a touch of the Supernova EVA foam--the very same material that cushioned the shoe for the past 5 releases.

Loyalists to the Glide series who found comfort in the Supernova cushioning system should have no issue transitioning to Boost edition of their favorite shoe. "An EVA cradle sits against the foot, providing the familiar, stable feeling of a Supernova shoe," says JT Newcomb of adidas.

Despite the Boost makeover, the newest iteration of the Glide is almost a full ounce lighter for men (10.4 ounces for size 9) and has slimmed down to 8.8 ounces for women.

Boost technology has received great acclaim for it's high responsiveness, cushioning, and ability to maintain comfort amid extreme weather conditions. adidas will continue to incorporate the Boost midsole in mainstay models and plans to release an updated version of the energy Boost as well.

In the video below, JT explains more about why the newest Glide model is so significant.

[youtube id="TbIPRp9lj28" width="620" height="360"]