Whole Body Health Essentials
Even though the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, we still have a responsibility to ourselves to make sure we stay healthy and active. We're talking big picture here. There are several products and strategies available to keep us focused on moving toward a long and healthy life. So, let's get started!

Track your Activity
Some of the very best of activity tracking devices like the brand new Garmin Forerunner 35, offer incredibly valuable tools for people to start being more active. This newest iteration by Garmin offers most of what people want nowadays, like smart notifications that include social media posts, emails, and phone calls. You’ll also get a record of steps taken, calories burned, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring all displayed in high-resolution to read easily.

One of the coolest features on this and most of Garmin’s GPS devices is the vibration alert to “MOVE!” if you’ve been sitting for a while. This feature is significant to improving overall wellness because as I’ve learned, staying sedentary for too long has negative effects, even if you’re generally an active individual. Research has shown that sitting for too long during the day can diminish the progress you’ve made during your training, actually preventing further improvements. So, imagine if you haven’t been active at all and you sit for most of your day because your occupation simply doesn’t allow for much movement. Having a such a useful tool to get you up and moving will have tremendous benefits for you in the long term.

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Get Centered and Flexible

Body maintenance is another incredibly important aspect of a healthy and fit lifestyle that is often overlooked. Foam-rolling, daily stretching, and yoga practice carry immense physical and psychological benefits. Making sure to keep your muscles and joints pain free helps to ensure you stick to your regular fitness program while also reducing your risk of injury. Taking just 10 to 15 minutes a day to pay attention to your body, work out any tight spots, and center yourself will have lasting benefits for you. These benefits include a positive change in mood, increase in energy, faster recovery, and better overall performance. Increase in range of motion from daily stretching has also shown great promise for many athletes, at both recreational and competitive levels.


Choose the Right Fuel

Nutrition is another extremely important piece of this puzzle. By fueling your body properly, you help facilitate better performance and enhance the effects of strength training and cardiovascular activities. This requires more of a focus on preparing your own meals and  snacks at home. Eating certain foods at the right times is another important part of maintaining health and fitness. Be sure to fuel your body enough for it to handle the demands you place on it without over or under eating. Take the time to research the source of your food items, trying to choose locally grown or organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.



Get Enough Quality Sleep

Another underestimated part of daily life is the amount of sleep we get every night. This can be a factor in our physical and mental performance throughout the day. If you find yourself struggling to stay focused in the afternoon, it may be a lack of enough quality sleep that's the culprit. You should aim for at least 8 hours of sleep each night to help you recover from physical activity and allow for better focus throughout your work and training day. Also, try to avoid eating or drinking too close to your bedtime so that you don't wake up during the night, interrupting your deep sleep.

These strategies allow us to get the most out of each day and each training session. Why not make sure that all your hard work doesn't go to waste? I believe we owe it to ourselves to give our bodies and minds the best chance at success and it's never too late to start!