Wilson Set to Bring More Innovation & Performance in 2014
For 2014, Wilson has a few tricks up their sleeve to bring even more innovation and performance to the court.

Most recently, Wilson unveiled new technology to their Wilson tennis racquets to better accommodate different playing styles, including Spin Effect. They also created more clear categories for each racquet, making it easier for players to identify exactly what they are in need of. Now, they introduce these options to the  Wilson Juice racquet line. Their National Account Manager Joel Conybear said Wilson asked two questions about the Juice frames, “can we make it more powerful?” and “can we add spin effect to it?” They answered yes to both and in addition, created more “universal cosmetics” to appeal to even more player styles. Look for these updates this upcoming February (around Valentine’s Day).

Wilson apparel now features classic fit and athletic fit options, the latter fitting closer to the body. Plus, a dart stitch in the garments that have ball pockets help to keep tennis balls from bouncing around in your pocket and making them easier to pull out. In addition, unlike other garments that spray on UV protection, nanoUV™ technology is actually sewn in, extending the protection to 50-60 washes versus the 30-40 washes of sprayed on protection.

Moving down to footwear, Wilson tennis shoes are now lighter than ever before with new colorways and silhouettes reminiscent of running shoes. The Wilson Rush Pro model has a lower, 6mm heel-toe drop and a more locked-in fit. The new Rush NGX, due out in March, offers advanced performance with body web support you can see. The NGX, Rush 2, and Rush Pro all feature a new multi-directional outsole that places herringbone at each side of the forefoot to aid with side-to-side movement.

2014 also marks the 100th anniversary for Wilson, so look out for a special anniversary collection with limited edition versions of their current collection.

And on a final note, if you’ve been watching the 2014 Australian Open, you may have noticed Roger Federer playing with a blacked out frame. His top secret racquet won’t be revealed until he decides if it will be his go-to racquet.