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      Brooks Men's Running Shoes

      Brooks Men's Running Shoes

      There's really no single "right" way to run, but there is an ideal, efficient way for your individual body to run. Brooks calls your unique gait your Run Signature, and it's all about how your body moves during a run. If your stride naturally mimics your everyday walking pattern, you are considered a neutral runner; however, if your body does not follow its most natural path during a run, you're likely what Brooks calls a "support runner." No matter which camp you're in, there is a pair of Brooks men's running shoes for your individual gait. Read More

      Running Shoes: Brooks Ghost 12 Men's Black/Ebony/White Running Shoes: Brooks Ghost 12 Men's Black/Ebony/White
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      If you want to learn more about Brooks running shoes, we've answered some frequently asked questions below!

      Are Brooks good running shoes?

      Of course we think Brooks are among the best running shoes out there, but what do others have to say? Actually, they really love Brooks running shoes too! A variety of Brooks models frequently find themselves on "best of" lists put together by industry experts at publications like Runner's World Magazine.

      Brooks uses the latest technology and research to produce a full lineup of shoes that help runners everywhere run farther, faster, and more often. Brooks men’s running shoes offer comfort and support no matter where (or how) you run, thanks to the company's proprietary technology.

      DNA LOFT

      Made of a unique blend of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), rubber, and air, DNA LOFT offers luxuriously soft cushioning that adapts to your size, gait, and running speed. This lightweight material is durable, responsive, and oh-so-soft underfoot.

      DNA AMP

      This polyurethane (PU)-based material is perfect for runners looking for a little more bounce. Encased in a thermoplastic polyurethane skin, DNA AMP expands up instead of out, giving you a springy, energetic ride with every step.


      Just like bumpers on a bowling lane, GuideRails are there for support when you need it and out of the way when you don't. This on-demand support system allows your hips, knees, and ankles to follow their most efficient path so you can run comfortably and with good form.

      How do I choose Brooks running shoes?

      Start by determining if you are a neutral runner or a support runner; most run specialty shops (like Holabird Sports) have trained staff members who can assess your gait and help you determine which camp you fall into.

      You can also have a look at the soles of your shoes: Even wear across the ball of the foot and wear on the outer edge of the heel are both common with neutral runners, while support runners wear their shoes out on the inside of the forefoot and either corner of the heel.

      After determining what level of support you need, choose from one of Brooks' experience types: Cushion, Energize, and Connect.

      Brooks Cushion

      Shoes in this line are built for runners seeking maximum comfort. Featuring DNA LOFT and BioMoGo DNA materials, these shoes offer soft landings and steady push-offs. Neutral Cushion shoes include Ghost, Revel, Glycerin, Dyad, and Cascadia. Support Cushion options include Adrenaline GTS, Beast, Ariel, Addiction, and Transcend.

      Brooks Energize

      If you're in search of an energetic and springy ride, check out the shoes in the Energize collection. Get a springy toe-off and bouncy rebounds so you can run farther, faster. Neutral Energize shoes include Ricochet, Levitate, Launch, and Caldera. Support Energize options include Bedlam and Ravenna.

      Brooks Connect

      Runners who like to feel closer to the ground should check out the lightweight options in the Connect lineup, featuring a low profile and minimalist design. Neutral Connect shoes include PureGrit and PureFlow.

      Do Brooks shoes run small?

      We always (always!) recommend trying a shoe on before purchase because sizing can vary not only from brand to brand, but even from model to model. Brooks has stated online that their shoes tend to run a little shorter than other brands, so you may find that you need to go up a half size or even a full size when selecting a pair of Brooks men's running shoes.

      How many miles do Brooks running shoes last?

      Depending on your stride, location, and average run distance, Brooks men’s running shoes should last you between 300 and 500 miles, or three to six months. You can multiply your average run length by the number of times you run to determine how many months they'll last you, or you can keep tabs on your mileage through a run-tracking app on your phone or smartwatch.

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