5 Fitness Gifts For Grads

It’s that time of year again. Summer is beginning and schools across the nation prepare to release a fresh class of graduates into the wild! After years of studying, writing and finding inexpensive meals, graduates deserve a gift to let them know you care and that you respect their determination. If you are shopping for a graduate who is also an avid fitness nut or just likes fun in the sun, we’ve got a few gift ideas that will help get them started on their new journey.

Tifosi Swank Sunglasses

We covered the incredibly affordable and stylish . They offer the premium features normally found on high-end eyewear like 100% UVA protection, a bounce-free fit and frames that grip better the more you sweat. If you are shopping for a grad that loves fitness and fashion Swanks are an inexpensive option and there are 13 styles available!
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Garmin vivoactive 3

If you are shopping for a graduate who takes their fitness as seriously as they take their studies, then wearable tech is the way to go. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 includes all the standard features of a fitness watch like a heart rate monitor and pedometer. What separates this watch is the attention to detail for accessing utility services such as social media, email, phone, and music on the go. It also has specific settings for nearly any activity you can imagine. We carry the vivoactive 3 in four different styles including the new Rose/Gold option.

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Vooray Bags

Graduation is a time of transition. We celebrate goals reached and move to face new challenges. It’s also a perfect time to upgrade our style and appearances. Vooray offers premium gym bags ranging from the stoic yet sleek Black Nylon Duffel or the fun and expressive Rose Navy Stride Cinch Backpack. Each design is an upgrade to the bulky, battered and bruised gym bags common in college and high school gyms across the nation. Each Vooray bag is also incredibly versatile so if a gym day turns into a beach day, they’ll be ready.

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Hydro Flask

If you haven’t noticed, no one carries around plastic water bottles anymore. Everywhere you look people are carrying sustainable stainless steel water retention units. Hydro Flask is a leader in this area and they offer a range of products. For a quick sip you can gift the 12oz wide mouth. Need something for the entire day? We’d recommend a stylish model from the 40oz Limited Edition PNW Collection. Finally, if you need to hydrate a herd of grads, the Unbound Series Soft Cooler Tote allows you to carry enough bottles and drinks for several people and keeps them cool for up to 48 hours! 

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Yoga Accessories

Now that they have a chance to rest their minds a bit, your graduate may want to spend some time focusing on their body. Luckily, we have all the yoga accessories they need. High-density Manduka yoga mats will keep them comfortable and supported for years to come when Goat Yoga’s popularity gives way to Koala Yoga. An All For Color Yoga Tote will ensure they arrive to class in style and we even have straps from ASICS for when they only need to carry the essentials.

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If you aren’t completely sure of what to get your grad--we offer digital gift cards that put that pressure on them. It’s okay, this is the real world, they can handle it.