Limited Edition Babolat French Open 2013 Racquets, Bags & More
The 2013 French Open is only a month away! The clay season has begun, with some exciting results and lots of anticipation. This will be the first year that Rafael Nadal has entered the French Open not in the top 4. Many people are wondering if this will also be the year that Nadal loses his clay crown? There are two serious contenders: Novak Djokovic (who already beat him on clay) and David Ferrer, whose star is on the rise. A Djokovic/Nadal rivalry could mean a very exciting season.

In other major tennis tournament news, the Roland Garros French Open has joined the other Grand Slams in increasing the prize money. According to, "the overall total for the tournament will go from $24.6 million (18.7 million euros) last year to $28.7 million (22 million euros), with winners receiving ($1.96 million (1.5 million euros) compared to $1.64 million (1.25 million euros) in 2012. Players eliminated in the second, third and fourth rounds will receive 25 percent more than they did last year."

However, in our opinion, the most exciting news about this year's French Open is the release of Babolat's 2013 Limited Edition French Open Gear.

There are three limited edition French Open tennis racquets available:
Babolat Pure Drive GT French Open
Babolat Pure Drive GT Lite French Open
Babolat Pure Drive 26 French Open Junior

The 2013 Babolat Pure Drive GT French Open has the fantastic limited edition French Open look. Cortex Technology that helps filter out negative vibrations to minimize arm injury. Graphite and tungsten improves performance with 10% energy recovery and more power. The Pure Drive is one of the most popular tennis racquets on the market today. It's even used by pro tennis champs Kim Clijsters and Li Na.

In addition to all of the great French Open racquets there are Babolat Team French Open racquet bags, backpacks, balls and strings available.

Again, these are all limited edition. Don't miss out on celebrating this year's French Open!