Long Workout Ahead? You Can Do It with UCAN!

UCAN got its start rather unexpectedly when the parents of a young boy with a rare metabolic disorder began their search for a slow-acting starch that would allow them to space out his tube feedings. His parents teamed up with some innovators and together they formed UCAN in order to manufacture a slow-digesting carbohydrate known as SuperStarch®.

Using a patented, precise cooking method, SuperStarch® regulates blood sugar and allowed the boy’s parents to space out his feedings. It wasn’t long after this breakthrough that the boy’s parents began to study the effects of SuperStarch® on athletes and the rest, as they say, is history!

Enjoy pre- or post-workout for steady energy and craving control

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All the benefits of Performance with protein to aid muscle recovery

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What Makes SuperStarch® Special?

Thanks to the patented cooking process, SuperStarch® doesn't cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Instead, it provides a slow, even release of glucose into the blood, which means your body can continue burning fat during your workout and you won't experience the crash that accompanies most other fuels that rely on simple carbohydrates for energy.