Reebok Floatride Run Fast Review

Named "Gear of the Year" in the Runner's World Fall Shoe Guide 2018, Reebok Floatride Run Fast running shoes are helping runners everywhere set new PRs and crush races left and right. It's no wonder the folks at Runner's World even said it was "the fastest shoe you can buy in 2018." We had three Holabird Sports team members take the Reebok Floatride Run Fast for a spin; here's what they had to say.

Cathy's Review

As a runner, CrossFit athlete, and coach for over 10 years, my drive to succeed in the gym, out on the road, or on the track is a fire that’s constantly burning inside me. For this reason, I take my gear very seriously and—naturally—I want my footwear to help me maintain my fitness and go as fast as I want to go. I'm not at all surprised that Runner's World would bestow the Gear of the Year award to Reebok's Floatride Run Fast. This snazzy-looking shoe is designed for going fast, fast, fast! They felt SO light in my hands that I wondered how they'd feel on my feet, but as soon as I laced them up, I knew they were something special.

Immediately, I felt the cushioning around my arch and heel, which was a relief to me because I knew just how lightweight these shoes really are, (only 5.4 ounces to be exact). One thing I don't want to sacrifice in a running shoe is comfort and impact protection because at 31 years old and with a lot more muscle than I had in my cross-country days, I need ALL the cushioning I can get.

I've worked hard to become a stronger, faster, and more explosive athlete over the last few years and hitting the road in these shoes helped bring all of those things together for an exciting interval training session... 6 x 200m sprints with 1 minute rest between intervals

Though these shoes are excellent for speed training, they're actually incredibly well-equipped for longer runs like 10Ks, half, and full marathons. Surprisingly, these shoes are considered neutral, but I usually run in shoes that are labeled as "support." Most of the time, the higher you get in the support category, the weight of the shoe begins to increase, which is not my cup of tea. I like the look and feel of a light and fast shoe, but I NEED the support. The Floatride Run Fast actually features stabilizing EVA foam that helps to balance the foot. I can say that this added layer of light stability was noticeable on my part.

My final verdict on this dark horse of a running shoe is that those skeptical of Reebok's previous tries at a serious running shoe should lay aside their doubts. This shoe is exactly what an experienced runner needs as part of their training arsenal for training day and race day.


About Cathy:

Holabird Content Creator and Product Expert
Activities: running and CrossFit for 10+ years
Favorite Shoes: New Balance 860v9 or Saucony Liberty ISO for running; Reebok Nano 8 for CrossFit
Gait: mild to moderate overpronation
Feet Deets: women’s size 8.5-9, wide-ish width, low arch
Reebok Floatride Run Fast Tested: women’s size 9 regular, Digital Pink/White/Black

Jess' Review

Full disclosure: I don’t consider myself a “runner.” I thorougly enjoy running, but I’m rather laid-back about it. I couldn’t tell you my current mile time or my PR. It’s not lost on me how ironic it is that I tested a shoe that’s built for speed when my usual pace is that of cold molasses. But here we are!

I have high arches and I underpronate slightly, so my initial reaction to the shoes when I took them out of the box was sheer panic: They weigh almost nothing! I was worried that such a lightweight shoe couldn’t give me the plushness I’m used to, but as soon as I stepped into the shoes I was met with an unexpected amount of cushion. For as light as the Floatride Run Fast is, it doesn’t skimp on comfort.

My neighborhood warm-up walk seemed quicker than usual, and I really got a feel for just how good the traction is on these shoes as I navigated wet leaves and puddles on the sidewalk. Speaking of puddles: These shoes don't provide much protection from external moisture, so be sure to avoid mud and rain in the Floatride Run Fast.

The shoes felt great during my entire run; they didn’t rub or pinch, and they flexed naturally with my feet. I found it easy to keep my stride balanced, and I didn’t notice any little tweaks or twinges as I navigated my usual route of uneven sidewalks, distracted pedestrians, and passing cars. The arch support was never lacking or intrusive.

Even as someone who admittedly doesn’t care about speed, I absolutely understand why these bad boys won Gear of the Year in 2018; they are a mind-boggling combination of lightness and comfort that you really won’t believe until you try them for yourself. Someone who is already fast would be virtually unstoppable in this shoe.


About Jess:

Holabird Copywriter
Activities: running, hiking, strength training, yoga
Favorite Shoes: Hoka One One Bondi for running; Salomon for hiking; barefoot for strength training and yoga
Gait: underpronation
Feet Deets: women’s size 7.5, narrow, high arch
Reebok Floatride Run Fast Tested: women’s size 8 regular, Digital Pink/White/Black

Kelly's Review

For a lightweight neutral shoe, which I am usually not a fan of, I actually like this shoe. I tend to overpronate a bit and my ankles roll in, this shoe has a nice midsole that kind of kept that in check a bit. I wore it at work for 6 to 8 hour shifts and my knees didn't hurt, which says something because my knees are very picky about running shoes.

I didn't run in this shoe because I knew its not the correct running shoe for me, but it's a nice training shoe for the gym—elliptical, arc trainer, bike, weights, and general workouts—it was great!!! Someone who loves a lightweight shoe and has that nice strong arch would probably love it for a speed workout or a track day. I'm glad i got a chance to try it out. I'll be keeping a lookout for a support shoe from Reebok; that's one I would definitely be interested in trying as well. The Floatride Run Fast will stay in my rotation of work/training shoes.


About Kelly:

Holabird Shoe Pro
Activities: running, gym workouts, walking
Favorite Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS, Hoka One One Arahi
Gait: mild to moderate overpronation
Feet Deets: women’s size 8-8.5
Reebok Floatride Run Fast Tested: women’s size 8 regular, Digital Pink/White/Black

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