Staff Picks: Cotton Hoody, GPS Watch, Radar System & Body Glide
It can be hard to find that perfect something when there are so many great things to choose from! We've put together just a few of our favorite things for this week.

Under Armour Charged Cotton Storm Marble Hoody Lady

As someone who's never met a hoody I didn't like, the Under Armour Charged Cotton Storm Marble Hoody has upped my standards by providing both warmth and streamlined comfort. While some other pullover tops tend to be a bit bulky and heavy, this style still provides ample mobility with a slimmer, more athletic fit. I really like the contrast, mesh inserts at each shoulder that keep air flowing through and add a unique visual element as well. This hoody is made with Under Armour's UA Storm fabric for highly water-resistant performance that repels rain and snow so you don't end up soaked to the bone if you like to train in all weather conditions. Slim, ventilated, and warm, I really like the feel and fit of the Under Armour Charged Cotton Storm Marble Hoody.

SpeedTrac X Radar System

Personally, I'm usually more concerned with serve placement than serve speed, but getting more MPH on your serve probably doesn't hurt. The SpeedTrac X Radar System shows you just how fast you—or your students—are serving so that you can keep track of progress while you work to improve your delivery. Plus it's a fun way to end a practice session! Almost nothing feels as good as smacking a big serve up the 'T' and seeing the radar gun register triple digits.

Garmin Forerunner 620

When it comes to backing up my computer or updating the GPS in my car, I'm lazy. I haven't even charged my bluetooth in months because I can't remember where I put the cord. I've used a lot of GPS watches and, in comparison, the new Garmin Forerunner 620 has an amazing amount of great features, including wireless upload capabilities. Set up a few Wi-Fi hot spots and your Garmin 620 will automatically sync with Garmin Connect when you're close. The 620 has Live Track, if you install the Garmin Connect smartphone app, your Forerunner 620 can use your phone's signal to show your family, friends, coaches, whoever, exactly where you are. It has pace alerts, heart rate alerts, run/walk alerts, auto lap, auto pace, personal records, calories burned, and a plethora of training functions (training plans, training calendars, advanced workouts, interval workouts). It has a Recovery Advisor and a V02Max feature to estimate how much oxygen your body is using. If that wasn't enough, it has a high-resolution color touch screen! This isn't the Cadillac of GPS watches, it's the Bentley. There simply isn't a better GPS Heart Rate Monitor sport watch on the market right now.


Using Bodyglide takes the painful irritation out of running for me. Just apply some Bodyglide to ANY hot spots you get when running, whether they are skin on skin or clothing on skin, and they are gone. It goes on easy with no mess and has no scent. I should buy stock in this stuff - it is THAT good. I won't run without it.