The Best Shoes for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

People who work in healthcare face some of the most extreme physical and mental demands of any profession. Long shifts spent mostly on their feet can lead to all kinds of issues and injuries from plantar fasciitis to Achilles tendonitis to bunions to lower back pain and beyond.

If you work in healthcare, you know that not just any old pair of sneakers will get you through a 12-hour shift. Most healthcare professionals expect a lot from their shoes—the shoes should be comfortable, supportive, slip resistant, easy to clean, lightweight, durable, and so on. That can be a tall order!

Fortunately, there are plenty of comfortable shoes for healthcare professionals on the market that can relieve pain and fatigue as well as reduce the risk of injury to doctors, nurses, techs, and anyone else who spends endless hours on their feet.

If you work in healthcare and you're looking for your next pair of shoes, we've made some recommendations below based on four common concerns of those in healthcare: comfort, support, slip resistance, and cleanability. When selecting a pair, be sure there’s plenty of room—especially in the toe box—to accommodate the foot swelling that naturally occurs when spending hours on your feet.

Many experts also advise that you have two pairs of shoes and switch them out mid-shift, if possible, because most shoe midsoles aren’t built to withstand constant compression for more than six hours at a time.


If comfort is your priority, then we’ve got some excellent options for you. These plush shoes are perfect for all-day wear, and they also provide the support you need to keep your whole body aligned. The Hoka One One Bondi and the New Balance Fresh Foam More are both ultra-cushioned shoes that feel downright luxurious when you step into them.

If you aren’t looking for maximum cushioning, Brooks Ghost running shoes and Skechers walking shoes provide just the right amount of plushness.


Whether you overpronate when you walk (roll your feet inward too far) or you just prefer a slightly sturdier shoe, you’ll get the support you need in the Hoka One One Gaviota or the Brooks Adrenaline GTS. Both offer support that’s never intrusive while providing the right amount of comfortable cushioning.

Slip Resistance

While many running shoes already offer good traction, if you frequently encounter slippery surfaces, consider a shoe that was specifically designed to grip in wet conditions. Slip-resistant shoes often feature grippy rubber soles with cut-outs that extend all the way to the edge of the sole, allowing liquids to escape and providing more ground contact with each step.


You likely encounter your fair share of spills and messes at work, so why not make it easier on yourself with waterproof shoes? The On Cloud Waterproof cleans up easily and keeps your feet dry while the CloudTec sole keeps you comfortable during your long shift.

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