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The Best Shoes for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

The Best Shoes for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

If you work in healthcare, you know that not just any old pair of sneakers will get you through a 12-hour shift. Most healthcare professionals expect a lot from their shoes—the shoes should be comfortable, supportive, slip resistant, easy to clean, lightweight, durable, and so on. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there!

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Tackle Your Toughest Trail Runs in New Hoka One One Evo Speedgoat Trail Running Shoes

Tackle Your Toughest Trail Runs in New Hoka One One Evo Speedgoat Trail Running Shoes

If you’re planning to run an ultramarathon or just looking for a super-cushy trail shoe, Hoka One One Evo Speedgoat trail running shoes can help you tackle whatever the trail brings your way. This follow-up to the Speedgoat 3 improves upon the shoe’s already-stellar performance and durability, resulting in a shoe that’s more comfortable and responsive than ever.

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Time to Fly! Introducing Hoka One One Carbon X Running Shoes

Time to Fly! Introducing Hoka One One Carbon X Running Shoes

It’s been nearly a decade since Hoka One One broke onto the scene with its then-revolutionary maximum-cushion running shoes. Since then, many other companies have begun to produce ultra-plush running shoes, but for Hoka devotees—there’s nothing quite like the cushiness of Hoka! To celebrate ten years of plushness, Hoka One One is unveiling a revolutionary running shoe that offers its signature cushion in an unbelievably lightweight package.

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Be Ready for Spring with These 2019 Shoe Trends

Be Ready for Spring with These 2019 Shoe Trends

It isn’t often that the worlds of high fashion and fitness footwear intersect, but the Spring 2019 runway shows surprised and delighted us with a few styles and trends that you may already have on your wish list—or even in your closet! In an unexpected deviation from traditional high-heeled, pointy-toed blister-makers, we saw a variety of comfortable, sensible shoes saunter on down the catwalk.

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Hoka One One Fly Collection: Cavu, Mach and Elevon Running Shoes

Hoka One One Fly Collection: Cavu, Mach and Elevon Running Shoes

Hoka One One is introducing their new neutral running collection in 2018: the Fly Collection.

This collection focuses its attention on making highly cushioned but lightweight running shoes.

But how?

Hoka One One's new PROFLY technology! A dual density midsole: softer in the heel for a more cushioned landing, with a higher-density foam in the forefoot for increased propulsion. In Hoka's words: "these shoes are ready to take flight."

The first in the series is...


The weight and heel to toe offset of the Cavu, the first neutral running shoe in this collection, is as stated: the lightest and lowest.

Hoka made this shoe with only 6.6 oz for women and 8.2 oz. for men. The heel to toe offset is 4mm instead of its sister/brother shoes, the Elevon and Mach, who come in at a 5mm heel to toe drop.

Cavu's price point will also be the lowest of the series, but we'll have to leave you in waiting until 2018.

If you're looking for a low price point, lightweight shoe and responsive cushioning, the Cavu could be your new year new shoe!


The Hoka One One Mach is also incredibly lightweight, but with added technology. At only 6.7 oz. for women and 8.2 oz. again for men, plus a 5mm heel to toe drop, these running shoes are a sport trendy hit. The breathable mesh upper differentiates the Mach from the Cavu in aesthetics.

And if you're familiar with the brand, the Hoka One One Mach is reminiscent of the Clayton--Editor’s Choice Award Winner of Runner’s World Magazine in 2016.

“The Clayton continues HOKA ONE ONE’s evolution into mainstream footwear,” write the Runner’s World editors. “This shoe likes to be driven fast.” And the Mach, with the Clayton genes running through its shoe veins, is no different. It likes to be driven fast and is Hoka's NEW Clayton.

Composed of the PROFLY technology in the midsole and full RMAT outsole, which provides a lightweight, soft ground contact and responsive cushion, plus some stability elements, the Mach is the next step up from its little sibling.


The Mach is designed with Hoka's early stage Meta-Rocker for a smooth ride and transition. The Meta-Rocker support a runner's natural running gait and gives the runner a smooth roll from impact to toe-off. This technology is designed to increase running efficiency.

Not only that, though, the Mach has an oversized active foot frame for maximum tuned stability. An active foot frame is a comfortable option to traditional extra post support--it allows your feet to sit deep inside the midsole for a cup-like fit for your foot, rather than on top of the midsole material.


Hoka One One's third and final running shoe in the collection: the Elevon.

You can already tell by the photos, that the aesthetic of this shoe is the best of the series. It has a combination of a sleek mesh and a seamless upper with a changing gradient. Oooo la la!

The outsole incorporates a smooth and pleasing color change, too and if you look at the image below, you'll see that the heel clip is a wonderfully, colorful and transparent speckled pattern. Not to mention the jagged pumpkin mouth looking midsole is an eye-catcher.


The Hoka One One Elevon is the highest price point of the series because it houses the most Hoka technology, making it pretty much the prettiest and most innovative of the entire Fly Collection.

It's heavier than the Mach and Cavu, with weights of 10.5 oz. for men and 8.6 oz. for women, but the heel to toe drop is the same as the Mach at 5mm.

The tech, like the Mach's Clayton relationship, derives from its Hoka shoe cousin: the Vanquish 2. If you remember the Vanquish 2, it was a super cushioned and versatile shoe for the runner looking for a springy, responsive ride. With a dual-layer midsole construction built with two EVA compounds, the Vanquish 2 designed to provide customary Hoka One One Ultrasize cushioning.

RunningShoesGuru said that the "best part about [the Vanquish 2] is how cushioned the ride feels. It has a ride that I’ve yet to experience in another shoe."

The Vanquish 2 was also a Competitor Magazine's Editor's Choice Award winner in 2016. Competitor Mag said "This is the shoe for you if … you’re looking for a lightweight max-cushioned shoe for half-marathon and marathon training runs." And their wear-tester Adam Heaney went on to say “this shoe was a blast. It is one of the most responsive shoes I have ever run in. It sets the standard for energy return in a running shoe.”


The successor. The next in line to the Vanquish legacy.

It keeps this dual-layered midsole cushioning, with a combination of a super lightweight midsole and foot-cradling cushion.

Hoka One One adds its suspension construction featuring a top layer of PROFLY and high rebound injection bottom frame designed with PROpulsion, PROtection, and support. Plus, a TPU clip in the heel for support and stability.

On the bottom of the shoe, there's a zonal rubber placement for durability.


Technically, yes. If we're talking about running efficiency and added Hoka tech for an improved running experience, but each shoe is designed for a specific consumer in mind. Depending on price point, Hoka has developed the shoes in according to what they could add or take away to still complete a great running shoe.

The Elevon includes all of the above for a smooth transition, durable cushioning and a responsive ride. The Mach is your middleman, with partial Elevon technology, but still with award-winning design making this shoe great for your everyday runner. And the Cavu, if you're new to running or looking for something that you're not destroying with mileage, it's the perfect shoe.

Marathoners and high-mileage runners and those seeking a truly premium and superior ride, go for the Elevon. Honestly, though, you can't go wrong with either option.

Hoka One One Gaviota Review: Enhance Your Long Runs

Hoka One One Gaviota Review: Enhance Your Long Runs

At this point, I have run almost 100 miles in the Hoka One One Gaviota, Hoka’s replacement of the Constant 2, and my feet and legs have never been happier. I ran a few hundred miles in both the Constant and the Constant 2, so I was a bit worried when I heard Hoka had discontinued it and had a replacement in the works called the “Gaviota.” But since Hoka One One constantly improves their products, my nerves settled.

The Gaviota features Hoka One One’s new J-Frame technology to help slow the rate of pronation for people who need stability in their running shoes, without being intrusive to their gait; needless to say, I was very intrigued.


As soon as the Gaviota was released, I laced up a pair and have been running happy miles ever since. One of the big changes from the Constant, and the first thing I noticed was that the Constant’s burrito style tongue had vanished. The Gaviota replaced it with a gusseted tongue with ‘Arch-Wings’ on both sides that still comfortably hug my feet and allow for an amazing fit that doesn’t slip.Stepping down into the plush cushioning with Hoka’s signature Active Foot Frame and RMAT rubber, there was no doubt that I was wearing Hoka’s. Just standing and walking around in them, my feet felt supported and comfortable and I couldn’t wait to go for a run.


Out on my first run, I immediately noticed and fell in love with the Late-Stage Meta-Rocker technology. Every stride felt so incredibly smooth from heel to toe. I am a natural mid-heel striker, and cognizant as not to overstride, and felt like I could just glide along the ground with these on my feet.I moderately overpronate and tend to overpronate more at the end of my run when I am tired and fatigued, so the support from the new J-Frame was perfect for me. I think it would work well for a wide variety of runners who experience that same exhaustive haul at the end. I am typically more biomechanically efficient at the beginning of my run, and I felt no hindrance from Hoka’s J-Frame during the start. It was right there to support me as muscle fatigue set in and my form broke down a little, and the wider platform helped provide a touch of inherent stability throughout the run as well without intruding into my gait.


After having so many great runs in the Gaviota, I wanted to try Hoka’s other new support shoe, the .The Arahi also features the new J-Frame technology found in the Gaviota but is lighter weight with no RMAT rubber. This construction allows for a more responsive feel and features an Early-Stage Meta-Rocker design.

I received a pair, laced them up and could immediately feel the difference in the Meta-Rocker designs. With the lower weight and more responsive midsole, I knew the Arahi was going to be my go-to-shoe for tempo runs and speedwork. The support is the same as the Gaviota, being there when you need it and not intrusive when you don’t, but the big difference, in my opinion, is the Early-Stage Meta-Rocker. It really helps propel me forward and just makes me want to go fast. It definitely has a place in my running shoe arsenal, but my new favorite shoe for cruising through long runs hands (well, feet) down.

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Hoka One One Arahi: Stability Shoe for Mild to Moderate Overpronators

Hoka One One Arahi: Stability Shoe for Mild to Moderate Overpronators

Overpronators rejoice! Hoka One One (pronounced "Oh-nay, oh-nay") has developed a stability shoe for mild to moderate overpronators: the Arahi.

The Māori people are the indigenous Polynesian settlers of New Zealand, and the word "arahi" derives from their dictionary. It means: to lead, escort, conduct, or drive. Its second meaning is: to herald - used of particular stars which, when they appear in the night sky, signal the beginning of particular lunar months.

Either way, "arahi" is a powerful verb, and the shoe is nothing short of powerful itself. This Hoka One One shoe derives power from its oversized midsole, meta-rocker geometry, active foot frame, J-frame technology, slightly denser EVA, and OrthoLite liners.

What does all that mean?


This unique maximum cushioning and minimal weight provides stability, excellent shock absorption, and supreme comfort.

The Hoka One One meta-rocker geometry (the rocking chair) is unique to the Hoka One One brand, so the Arahi is no different. With the meta-rocker tech and sculpted outsole, you get a gentle roll from heel to toe (or ball of foot) with every stride. The meta-rocker midsole propels you forward, while encouraging your natural running gait.
With the Hoka One One active foot frame, your foot sits deep in the midsole rather than on top of it. This means inherent stability for all types of runners, without the constraints or weight of extra support material. This integrated stability is adaptable to a wide range of feet and running styles.
Also, the introduces Hoka's new J-Frame technology built into the midsole, which wraps around the heel and extends through the medial side. The J-Frame is constructed from EVA at a firmer density than the surrounding EVA foam, meaning the stability is offered in a lightweight, nimble package that doesn’t skimp on cushioning. If you love Hoka but need just a touch more stability and support, look no further than the Arahi.While the minimalist trend was in full frenzy, Hoka runners were winning mountain trail races and ultramarathons in their crazy-looking shoes. The smirks at midsoles twice the thickness of other running shoes soon turned to "ahas" as runners tried Hoka One One and felt the difference. Light and surefooted during a race, with more cushioning at the end, Hoka makes runners feel like they’re gliding over the ground. And Hoka's partnership with OrthoLite brings superior comfort and performance to all of their styles of shoes.And coming from Deckers Hoka One One Brand Representative Katy Sputo, "You can [also] absolutely walk in the Arahi (and any of our shoes). Our shoes are built for running but work excellent for walking. Running shoes often times are more comfortable than specific walking shoes so many prefer to walk in a running shoe."Explore Arahi in or styles.

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