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Introducing ASICS GEL-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

Introducing ASICS GEL-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

ASICS GEL-RESOLUTION 8 tennis shoes were designed for today's baseline player looking to win long, powerful rallies from the back of the court. Featuring ASICS ISS technology that fosters natural movement on the court, these shoes offer a responsive stride and allow for a close-to-the-court feel that allows players to move confidently.

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ASICS GEL-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes Preview

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes Preview

Coming to Holabird Sports January of 2019: ASICS GEL-Nimbus 21 running shoes! Cloud-like in its very nature, the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 21 provides the same pillow-soft cushioning under foot with a few improvements to make for a heavenly running experience. The latest iteration of this neutral running favorite features a new last and an even softer ride than previous models. Lace up and get ready to soar in the new ASICS GEL-Nimbus 21 running shoes. 

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4 Stylish Women’s Running Shoes Comfy Enough for a Marathon

4 Stylish Women’s Running Shoes Comfy Enough for a Marathon

We all love our running shoes for one reason or another, but the majority of them tend to swing either toward performance or style. Finding a fashionable running shoe you like the look of is easy (most of the time), but finding something that will also perform during long runs and give you constant comfort can be much harder. Here’s a look at four different running shoes that were designed with both style and performance in mind.

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ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes

A new ASICS shoe: the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20. Huzzah!

Twenty years of Nimbus! We end the last month of 2017 with a new running shoe from ASICS: the 20th version of the GEL-Nimbus.

With a new round of colors and updated running shoe specs, these kicks are a holiday gift to the neutral runner.

What are the updates?

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 is lighter, sleeker and faster than ever before. With updates to the upper and heel collar, the GEL-Nimbus 20 offers a broader fit and the true-to-size feel that you expect from ASICS. Flytefoam, Super SpEVA, and GEL provide comfortable and responsive cushioning for neutral runners looking to log lots of miles.

"We opened the upper a lot more with the mesh design on the Nimbus 20. It's going to accommodate a broader fit... more open around the lateral and the medial side of the toe box. The mesh construction is also going to be a little bit lighter," says ASICS rep Greg Grevin.

Any changes to the midsole and outsole? 

Nope! Stayed the same. Flytefoam on the bottom and Super SpEVA on the top and filled with that gel you've always loved. Durable AHAR in the heel and the soft, squishy DuraSponge in the forefoot.

The heel collar has been modified for a snugger, more comfortable fit, and ASICS improved the heel counter, designing it to be more flexible and softer.

Weight and offset for the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20

It weighs in at 10.7 ounces for men and 8.8 ounces for women with a 13mm offset for women and 10mm for men.

What are the similarities from past iterations of the ASICS GEL-Nimbus?

For ladies, you still get the women-specific cushioning you know and love from ASICS. The soft top layer of SpEVA is still there.

You can also look forward to the Guidance Line that ASICS has had before for stride repetition and to glide the foot cleanly forward. The trusty Trusstic System is still going to be there to stabilize your foot.

Last notes from ASICS' Greg Grevin:

"The Nimbus is still that high-end, cushioned shoe that you've loved for years and years, so if you neutral runners are looking to log a lot of miles, this is a great choice for you."

Reflective Shoes for Night Runs: Glow in the Dark

Reflective Shoes for Night Runs: Glow in the Dark

Who knew safety could be so fashionable? If you're on a road that traveled by the public, it's especially important that you wear gear to enhance your visibility to travelers. The important part is to make sure you're being safe. You want to take the appropriate precautions and wear bright reflective running gear so you're seen! Here is a list of the best reflective running shoes that 2017 has to offer.

Saucony Chroma Pack

Make a flashion statement with the Saucony Chroma Pack featuring the Kinvara 8, Freedom ISO and Ride 10.

Altra Timp

If you're a fan of the foot-shaped shoe and ZeroDrop, then the Altra Timp your perfect versatile, reflective trail running shoe. The durable MaxTrac™ outsole provides excellent traction on rough and rugged terrain while the ultra breathable and water-resistant upper material helps keep feel dry and comfortable.

ASICS Lite-Show

Now showing off an entire spectrum of colorful reflectivity, the new ASICS Lite-Show collection features the GEL-Kayano 24, GT-2000 5, GEL-Nimbus 19 and reflective clothing to match.

ASICS GEl-Kayano 24 (Support for Overpronators)

ASICS GT-2000 5 (Neutral and Mild pronators)

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 19 (Cushioned Neutral)

ASICS GEL-Kayano 24, Better than Ever

ASICS GEL-Kayano 24, Better than Ever

This year, ASICS introduces their brand new GEL-Kayano 24 to take over for their previous installment. Over the years this shoe has gained a reputation of being a cushioned and responsive workhorse.

The GEL-Kayano 24 is designed with comfort and versatile stability in mind as it can be worn by neutral runners and moderate overpronators, too. This time around, ASICS has changed the upper in a way that feels more forgiving and therefore, more comfortable.

This shoe offers overpronators stability and comfort to improve running efficiency and decrease the risk of injury over varying distances. And as mentioned, while it's perfect for the overpronator whose predisposed to an inward rolling motion as the foot progress toward toe-off, it will also work for neutral runners.

Our in-house product expert, Cathy, said that "after having the chance to try these premium running shoes, I found that this iteration is probably my favorite. This is simply based on the improved fit of the shoe."

As an American Podiatric Medical Association doctor approved shoe, the Kayano 24 as compared to the Kayano 23, has new jacquard mesh, meta-heel clutch design to hold the heel in place, and a lower collar (so no friction occurs on the back/sides of the ankles).

"I’ve always loved the ultra-cushy feel of the Kayano and I felt that it performed so well for me in it’s excellent, shock-absorbing ability. The only complaint that I had about previous models were the narrow and constrictive feels I got around my forefoot from the upper. But the new jacquard mesh material and its construction in the GEL-Kayano 24 provides a more accommodating fit," Cathy comments.

The 24s incorporate ASICS' Impact Guidance System, FlyteFoam, FluidRide, FluidFit, Heel Clutching System, Dynamic DuoMax, Guidance Line, Guidance Trusstic System, SpEVA 45 and Plus 3 (only in women's version) Midsole technologies.

The Plus 3 midsole tech is ASICS women-specific cushioning, 13mm drop for women, compared to a 10mm drop for men.

"For lovers of this stability staple by ASICS, you’ll get all that soft and pillowy good stuff you’ve gotten before, but if your piggies need room, this shoe has that, too! With the plethora of new colors, you’ll be sure to find one (or more) that you just can’t live without." To watch an overview with an ASICS representative, watch the video below.

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TENNIS Magazine's "Best in Shoe" 2017: Impressive Court Footwear

TENNIS Magazine's "Best in Shoe" 2017: Impressive Court Footwear

"Tennis is a game of give and take. You can run around your backhand to hit a forehand, but in doing so, you'll open up the court for your opponent's reply. Tennis gear also requires players to strike a balance in order to find the best fit for their games."

The 2017 Shoe Guide breaks down the latest footwear options tested by both tennis-playing males and females. Showcased below are the "bests" of this year's guide.

Best Technology: adidas adizero Ubersonic 2.0 

Enhanced with incredibly lightweight materials to make speed a priority on the court, this shoe is even more responsive and has a uni-tongue wrap for structured comfort and fit. The delightful patterned textile upper material makes for a very stylish look.

ADITUFF™ around the toe and forefoot reduces abrasion while you serve up aces. Full-length ADIPRENE®+ absorbs shock and extra support in the midfoot add stability as you sprint out wide. Webbing in the midfoot increases stability during fast cutting movements; 3D TORSION® provides adaptive midfoot support; SPRINTFRAME construction offers the perfect balance between light weight and stability, and the ADIWEAR™ 6 outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability.

Need they say more?

Shop adidas adizero Ubersonic at Holabird Sports!

Best Lightweight Shoe: Babolat Jet 

Take your speed to even new heights in the Jet All Court from Babolat. This shoe has been designed for the quickest players and keeps you supported and balanced when accelerating and changing directions. The light yet supportive upper is made of Matryx, a fabric which weaves Kevlar and Polymide threads to keep you locked in and comfortable at all times. The Active Fexxion technology provides speed and agility to optimize your footwork and the durable Michelin rubber outsole features an S-shaped pattern with ideal levels of traction. This lightweight, speed- oriented shoe is just what you need to take your footwork to the next level.

Shop Babolat Jet at Holabird Sports!

Best New Line: ASICS Gel-Court FF

Note: This is a unisex shoe. The listed sizes are men's sizes, women ordering this shoe will want to order 1.5 sizes smaller for the equivalent Women's size.

The Gel Court FF is the ultimate lightweight performance shoe for the serious tennis competitor. Asics' ultralight FlyteFoam midsole provides plush cushioning underfoot while keeping you completely connected to your movement. GEL cushioning has also been inserted into the midsole to give you Asics' signature comfort and feel. Furthermore, the Mono-Sock (tongue-less) design and seamless mesh upper has an extremely soft and intuitive fit, wrapping the foot with great ventilation, support, and stability. This extremely comfortable and fast-feeling shoe still has all the support and stability that even the most elite movers need to feel confident on the court.

Shop ASICS GEL-Court at Holabird Sports!

Best Stability: Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion 

Not many stability shoes feature an internal bootie, but Yonex's update to the Power Cushion Eclipsion does, along with a superb level of underfoot cushioning. It makes for an unparalleled combination. The redesigned fit now allows for more extension in the forefoot, while keeping the midfoot and heel better protected. The shoe starts firm, but flexes adequately over time and "plays lighter than its static weight" due to the overall comfort, according to one tester.

Shop Yonex Power Cushion at Holabird Sports!

Asics GT-2000 Running Shoe Review

Asics GT-2000 Running Shoe Review

ASICS Loyalists: Some of you may have pondered what happened to the 2100 series. Fear not; your go-to shoe now goes by a different name: ASICS overhauled one of the most popular shoes in the market to redefine stability as we know it. Such modifications may cause some uneasiness among the 2100 series aficionados, but, in this case, we at Holabird Sports think change is good.


GT-2170 vs. GT-2000: What has changed? If you're looking for a soft, cushioned ride, look no further. ASICS has truly outdone themselves in producing a plush, gel feel in the GT-2000. With larger gel units in the forefoot and heel, this model will leave you feeling oh-so-comfortable for the duration of your run or workout. ASICS has added a second layer of SoLyte foam to the top of the midsole, providing better cushioning and shock absorption just beneath the sock liner. Keeping both genders in mind, the GT-2000 has implemented a softer layer for women and a firmer one for men. With ASICS' patented Personalized Heel Fit (PHF), two layers of memory foam in the heel will mold to your fit, creating a superior fit that lasts.

But is it still just as supportive? Will you be able to safely transition from other stability shoes to the? Yes and yes. ASICS has replaced the old Duomax medial posting with the new and improved Dynamic Duomax, allowing for a smoother control of overpronation. Compared to the GT-2170, the medial support is less aggressive in the GT-2000 without compromising support and functionality. Additionally, the Guidance Line in the outsole encourages a firm foot strike and a steady toe-off.

Increased cushioning and new a medial post must mean a heavier shoe, right? Not at all. In fact, the GT-2000 is even lighter than its predecessor. I weighed the women's model in at 9.3 ounces, .6 ounces lighter than the GT-2170. The men's version slimmed down to 11.3 ounces, shaving .2 ounces from the previous model. With thinner overlays in the forefoot, the GT-2000 is not only lighter, but also more flexible.


My thoughts: Shin splints begone! When I first stepped foot in the shoe, I noticed how plush it really is. Consider it a featherbed for your foot. Already appreciated for a soft, gel-cushioned experience, ASICS has proven that stability shoes can have same soft ride as many neutral shoes. I loved the improvements to the medial posting. The Dynamic Duomax is gentler than the old Duomax, but is still equally supportive. I didn't notice any distinct rigidity beneath the arch and heel, but still felt the necessary correction we would expect from a stability model. For stability shoe gurus, it may have seemed strange that the GT-2000 did not have a painted posting. Resembling more of a neutral shoe in fashion, ASICS has done away with the classic grey-on-white look in the midsole. I noticed a slightly narrower toe box, but my feet still had plenty of room to breathe. The arch ramp didn't seem quite as prominent as it did in the GT-2170, but still felt comfortably supportive.


The Bottom Line: The GT-2000 is the perfect shoe from a workout on the elliptical trainer to a 20-mile long run. ASICS has produced a great blend of cushioning and functionality in this model, and it is built to last.

    • Category: Stability
    • Recommended for: Mild to Moderate Overpronators
    • Heel Height: 21mm
    • Forefoot Height: 11mm

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