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2017 Must-Have Wilson Tennis Bags and Shoes

2017 Must-Have Wilson Tennis Bags and Shoes

Wilson is coming out shining in the new year with bright, bold, exciting colors for your tennis game.

Wilson calls this "a new kind of disruption," with racquet designs no one has ever seen before- ones that focus on only the essentials and strip away all the unnecessary elements. What remains are timeless, uncontaminated designs, meticulous in detail and bold in their beauty. They create racquets that want to be held and a psychological edge for the player bold enough to pick one up.

And to pair with their racquets, their bags represent the color and feel of the new Burn and Blade families.

The Burn represents the baseliner: consistent and patient, a lateral mover unafraid to step inside the baseline and hit through the court and their opponent. They want their racquet to accelerate their power, basing their game around groundstrokes. The Blade represents the attacker: an aggressive player in need of a racquet that controls their power. They step inside the baseline and when they get a short ball, hit big for a winner. Commanding shots and dictating play is their m.o.

With Wilson's consumer segmentation, Wilson helps players identify their correct racquet based on their individual styles of play. When you think Burn, think orange. And when you think Blade, think green.

To add to those colors, Wilson is also adding the Wilson red to their bags and exciting purples and blues to their shoes.

These bright colors reminds us of the old days. Think Andre Agassi in the mid-90s, minus the hair.

We've got the Wilson All Court Amplifeel high tops that are cool, comfortable and make a statement.

The Wilson Amplifeel™ is a brand new model designed for the ultimate on-court speed demon. This advanced shoe includes the amplifeel™ technology gives players premium responsiveness and support during lateral movements. The Pro Torque Chassis arch technology further enhances stability during explosive movements. Players will enjoy a strong feel with each step they take on the court during play.

And to match the Blade family, Wilson presents the Wilson Vancouver Backpack Bag Black/Green and Wilson Vancouver 15 Pack Bag Black/Green. The backpack holds two racquets and the 15 pack, well, 15!

And for the Burn? Orange would only make sense. And a bright orange at that.

The Wilson Vancouver Backpack Orange/Gray, Wilson Vancouver 9 pack Orange/Gray and Wilson Vancouver 15 Pack Bag Orange/Gray complete the Burn family and make the perfect companion to your own racquet collection.

Switching gears a little bit, let's talk Federer. The RF97 and Pro Staff line are 100% designed by Roger Federer himself, inspiring all of 2017's performance racquet aesthetics. Wilson wanted players, young, old, experienced, inexperienced, to feel like Federer when they prepped for and stepped out on the court.

So in addition to the Federer-designed racquets, Wilson created the Federer DNA Backpack and Bag line in Wilson red and Federer Pro Staff black.

The premium Wilson Federer DNA Backpack Black is designed with a sleek and sophisticated color with red details for a serious on court look. This highly portable bag features a large main compartment to carry your shoes and favorite gear as you travel to and from the tennis court. With this special Roger Federer autograph bag, you can carry at least two of your favorite frames to practice and tournaments.


    • Large Roger Federer signature and Wilson wordmark featured at the front and on each side.
    • Zippered sections on the side are ideal for storing smaller accessories.
    • Padded and adjustable backpack straps enhance comfort.
    • Store and organize smaller gear in the internal zippered pockets.


The design also comes in a 12-pack: Wilson Federer DNA 12-Pack Red and Black. And a Wilson Federer Team 6-Pack 2017.

And if you're planning on being at the court all day, the Wilson Federer SUPER DNA 12-Pack Black comes with an attached solar panel battery charger, the Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel, which has the innovative technology to charge USB devices directly from the sun. Detachable kickstand for modularity and power-flow indicator ensure the best solar charging experience. Easy-to-read LED indicator displays strength of solar conditions, so you can receive immediate feedback on panel-to-sun placement to improve solar charging experience.

And to bring back the iconic Wilson red, the 2017 Wilson Match Juniors Triple Bag Red joins the Wilson Tour V 15 Pack Bag, Wilson Tour V Large Backpack, Wilson Tour V 9 Pack Bag and Wilson Tour V 6 Pack Bag.

What about the US Open!? Well Wilson couldn't enter the new year without designing a bag for the 2017 US Open could they? The US Open collection includes the and . And that's Wilson 2017 for you. Find your playing style. Get your racket, shoes and bag. And win your match.

What Is Countervail Technology? And What Does It Mean for Your Tennis Game?

What Is Countervail Technology? And What Does It Mean for Your Tennis Game?

On January 5th, Wilson's East Coast National Account Manager, Sarah Maynard, came in to discuss the newest and coolest Wilson products. She had the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 (autographed and designed by Roger Federer,) the Wilson Blade Serena Williams 104, Wilson Amplifeel high tops, and multiple racquets infused with "Countervail technology" among a few other things.

When she said "Countervail technology" and held up the Wilson Blade SW104, you could almost hear the brain-spoken "ooos" and "ahhhs" from Holabird's tennis enthusiast-filled staff.

"Countervail? What does that even mean?" we asked collectively (again, in a brain language only audible to staff).

Sarah started... "This technology maximizes a player's energy."

Cue tennis geeking.

"I'll give you an analogy. There's a construction worker outside, working a long shift with a jackhammer. He's exhausted by the end of the day, grabs a cold one and remembers his day, fighting fatigue the entire time. Now, a different picture. The Tour de France, the winning biker, and those brutal cobblestone streets, facing that same fatigue as the man working the jackhammer, allll of those vibrations working against him. But this time, this person is prepared. Infused into his bicycle is: Countervail technology. He's able to cut down on the vibrations caused by that brutal terrain and go on to win."

Dutch champion Dylan Groenewegen rode the Bianchi Oltre XR4, with Countervail vibration-canceling technology.

Countervail® can be tailored to balance stiffness, strength and damping performance that outperform constructions using traditional approaches, so it was the perfect choice for Wilson's Blade and Burn families

A study by the University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology found that players using Countervail had:

    • 40% more control over shots when nearing exhaustion
    • 30% less racquet vibration
    • 10% less fatigue, meaning players were able to hit 10% more shots
The Countervail in select racquets in Wilson's and  lines is located between impact point and hand. The one-of-a-kind carbon fiber layer is placed within the racquet's frame to dramatically minimize vibration caused by a shot's impact. Which means... that on contact, Countervail disperses the ball's energy within the frame instead of directing it to the player's body! You expend less energy during every swing without compromising the feel of the racquet.

The Department of Defense and the aerospace industry also use Countervail as it increases energy efficiency during movement in extreme conditions. So, basically, Countervail technology helps us fly into space and defend our country. Wilson wanted in. Milos Raonic switched to Wilson's Countervail racquets and says he's "never felt stronger in the biggest moments of matches since [he] started using Countervail- it's helped [him] save energy without compromising feel." His average speed of his 5th set first serves during Wimbledon victories against David Goffin and Roger Federer using Countervail? 131 miles per hour. The amount of 5 set wins in 2016 (already matching his career total) using this new tech? 4.Amount of arm sleeves he needs now? 0.Milos is currently ranked number six, eight spots better since the transition. Shop the entire raquet line. Have any more questions? Reach out! Or comment below.

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