Why Purchase a Hydro Flask? What's the Big Deal?

You may be thinking, well, I don't need something that keeps my beverages cold right now. I've got the weather! East Coasters and Upper Mid-West/West Coasters, yes. That may be true. Temps are diving down at the moment, but what about the rest of the nation?! What are they to do with lukewarm water in outside temperatures? And what about our hot beverages? In any type of weather?Don't you want to eliminate that disappointing feeling of taking coffee to work only to have it, too, turn lukewarm?! YOU DO? Well, great. You landed on the right blog then!

Hydro Flask has ended lukewarm suffering around the nation with the creation of, well, the Hydro Flask.Coming in 12- to 64-ounce sizes, it's your perfect beverage-holding best friend. Everyone in the Holabird Sports office, besides myself, has one! Louie has one in orange. Cathy in mint green. Korynn in purple. Dustin: grey. Curtis: forest green. Shea: invisible Hydro Flask. Because I don't have one. What do I have? I use, sigh, a water bottle.

After seeing the creative department showcasing their Hydro Flasks on their desks and brandishing them during an 11 a.m. chair swivel, I had to ask... "WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL GUYS?!" "It does exactly what it says it does! There are so many products out there that claim to be miracle products. It says it keeps your beverage cold or hot for hours, and well.. it really does. That's the big deal. IT DOES IT," says Curtis Cox, Holabird graphic designer. You may have seen our emails... Curtis makes those.

So, how long is "hours," you ask? I asked the same question... only to be answered by Louie, Holabird's social media coordinator. "24 hours cold. 6 hours hot. I'd bet even longer than 24 hours for cold, too." 24 HOURS? You're saying I can fill a Hydro Flask with iced coffee at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday, and come back into the office Wednesday at 9 a.m., take a swig and not want to spit it out? Dustin, our photographer and videographer confirmed: "The ice might have melted a little bit, MIGHT, but it will still be cold. Yes." Korynn, Holabird photographer, says she "can put ice in there in the morning and it's still ice by dinner time. It keeps my stuff cold for a very, very, VERY long time." THE END OF MY WATERED DOWN COFFEE SAGA STARTS NOW!

Buuuut... will I need a little Hydro Flask snuggie? For cold or hot beverages? "Nope, there's no heat transfer at all." Dustin again. "And it doesn't sweat. No sweating on the outside. I don't need a coaster," says Curtis "It's great for beer, too." Beer, you say? Yep, "the Hydro Flask comes in growler size, 64 ounces," Korynn affirms. Wink wink, beer enthusiasts.

Some of my coworkers use the 20 ouncers, some use the 32, and some us the 16. Most have multiple--MULTIPLE--of the same product. So much Hydro Flask love in here! I feel like I'm drowning in maintained-temperature infatuation. And as if I wasn't already convinced that I should buy one... The team revealed the best feature of all: "You can do a great Bane impersonation talking into your Hydro Flask when it's empty." Hmmm... The real reason for purchasing I see.

After badgering all of my coworkers, they wondered what would break first... my jealousy... or my annoyance with lukewarmity. It's pretty much a tie. Holabird Sports sells Hydro Flasks in-store and online in a variety of sizes and colors. So get your own Hydro Flask today--I'll be right behind you. And if you need some more proof, here's a video of us performing a Hydro Flask versus Travel Mug experiment, where we take a normal travel mug and pit it against the Hydro Flask! See who won the "stuck in snow for 5 hours to see if the beverage is still hot" challenge.

Interested? Try the Hydro Flask out for yourself!

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